In today’s fast moving world; the best way with which you can learn is through the medium of mlearning that enables individuals to learn while on the go using whatever devices they are most comfortable with.

mLearning for Medical Interns

It is now commonplace for patients to search their symptoms and even to arrive at their doctor’s office prepared to offer advice on potential courses of treatment. The availability of medical information online reflects the fact that the medical profession recognized the value of online learning early on. Medical professionals were also among the earliest adopters of mobile devices as a platform for education and on-the-job training and mentorship. Continue reading

mLearning for Low Wage Workers

Low-wage workers, concentrated in the service industry, have the lowest retention rates of all workers. McDonald’s, for example, hires an estimated 1 million workers per year with a 150% turnover rate. While their workforce may be smaller, other fast-food restaurants also hire thousands of workers each year and report similar turnover rates. Continue reading

mLearning: Bringing Learning to Life

The majority of training professionals already recognize that the most effective training is interactive, continuous and takes place outside the formal classroom. In a nutshell, it happens in life, not in stand-alone training sessions. But how do you bring training to life? Continue reading

When mLearning is Best and How to Deploy It

Mobile learning, also referred to as mLearning, is taking center stage as one of the preeminent ways to provide training and development in a corporate environment. With the pervasiveness of mobile phones and tablets, it’s actually not just preferred – it’s often the only way employees are willing or able to complete training. Continue reading