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What can I learn from this experience?

I am not going to write a traditional blog post. This one is not about how to create online training. It does not deal with the intricacies of Learning management systems or the complexities of e-learning software. This topic is based on an audiobook I recently listened to on Audible. The book is ‘Mindsets: How we can learn to fulfill our potential‘. Continue reading

The Contemporary Global Classroom – Changing Nature of Workplace Training

One of the concepts that can be most readily associated with the contemporary business world and economic environment is that of flexibility. The methods and modes of working, which were rigidly set around certain structures and hours, are increasingly being superseded by set-ups that more readily meet the demands of the contemporary marketplace. This is also very much the information age; thus, workplace training today can draw on information from a variety of different sources, and be of a scope that is truly global in nature. Continue reading

5 Affordable Forms of Employee Training And Development

Training options and development programs for employees can bring uncountable benefits to the employees and the business as a whole. Especially in today’s economy, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to shell out the money to pay trainers or for training courses that employees can attend. Fortunately, several affordable options are available for employee training and development that tips the cost-value scale that training can provide. Continue reading

5 Ways to Deliver Successful Online Training

Grabbing and retaining the attention of training attendees is one of the biggest challenges companies face in delivering successful online training. You can provide extremely valuable and useful information to share with attendees, but if you are unable to retain the attention of the attendees, then all of your hard work is for naught. Use these five tips as a guideline to build and distribute an online training program that is sure to keep attendees glued to their computer screens. Continue reading

3 Steps to Running Successful Computer Based Training Sessions

Computers make the business world go round. In some instances, the success of an entire business can depend upon computers and computer systems that make up the business network. With so many employees using computers as part of their daily work tasks, it makes sense that computer based training sessions can be a successful way of training and developing employees. Now, the key accomplishment is to run successful computer-based training sessions. You can accomplish this by implementing these three fast and simple steps. Continue reading

5 Ways Business Training Tools Go beyond the Training Session

Training courses and sessions come equipped with a full line of videos, handouts, workbooks and more. There is no, or very little, doubt that creating training materials can be beneficial supplements to training courses and sessions that help enhance the learning of the attendees. Training tools go beyond the training session too. Discover at least five ways attendees can use training materials long after the training session is over. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Adopt eLearning Software in Your Business

The Internet and computers are two basic staples these days for the majority of businesses to operate and function. Since employees, supervisors, and managers are already using these technology tools, it makes sense that you adopt eLearning software in your business for training and development purposes. Providing training and development to employees through eLearning can bring several benefits to your business – benefits that everyone involved in the business and the training can enjoy. Continue reading

How to Provide Online Training with Social Learning

According to The Corporate Learning Factbook 2013: Benchmarks, Trends, and Analysis of the U.S. Training Market, companies spent an average of 12% more for training in 2012, including online training, than in previous years. One of the biggest portions of spending on online training included some form of social learning, such as using Facebook or other social networks, the Internet or an Intranet system to train employees, managers and supervisors. Continue reading

6 Characteristics to Look for in Learning Management Systems

Choosing one of the numerous Learning Management Systems available can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though. When you’re shopping and comparing Learning Management System options, use this as a guideline to look for at least six characteristics the system you choose should contain. Continue reading

Leadership Training Development: Is Yours all about Power and Style?

It is common for supervisors and managers to confuse leadership with power. Effective leaders, however, don’t have to rule with an iron fist. Ensure that your leadership training development program helps leaders learn how to create the right balance between power and influence, while also being able to apply the right leadership style to the right situation. Continue reading