Forklift training videos are an easy and convenient way to keep your employees safe and your business operating smoothly. Every year there are 37,OOO forklift accidents in the United States alone. These incidents are caused by a lack of knowledge with regards to proper usage of machinery and understanding safety features. Thus, if your business has even one forklift, you should be mandating forklift training videos for every employee.

Why everyone?

Even if you only have one forklift and one forklift driver, injuries can still occur from other employees who do not know how the machinery works. It is possible that an employee untrained in forklift training tries to move the forklift out of the way in order to get to a box, or they in front of it while it is in motion. For legal purposes and the safety of all of your employees, it is best that everyone understand and be aware of safety regarding this machinery.

What is the purpose of forklift training videos? 

Many companies give out pamphlets on forklift safety and quickly review it during onboarding. Employees quickly forget this information or throw out the sheet with all of the important information that will keep them and their colleagues safe. Forklift training videos help people to stay engaged with the information, learn through visuals, and better understand the safety precautions with video and audio. Videos help maintain interest and engagement—especially with some humor—which leads to better retention of information and safer practices.

Forklift training videos can easily cover safety processes, maintenance considerations, usage how-tos, and the challenges that a driver encounters daily. They help to remind people of the dangers of operating machinery. Since forklift operators are often reviewed on productivity, they have a tendency to hurry through processes that endanger workers and can cause damage to materials. Forklift training videos remind workers and demonstrate techniques to slow down and focus on getting the job done currently and safely as well as efficiently.

Forklift Training

When should you use forklift training videos?

New hires should always watch forklift training videos if they will be working in areas where the machines can be found. It is important to ensure that they know these safety processes from the very first day.

Forklift training videos can also teach how to use a forklift generally, for newcomers to the machine. They can explain standards and terminology so that workers can learn how to use a forklift before actually getting on one, risking hurting themselves or others.

You may want to mandate viewing of forklift videos each year. Some companies require safety videos to be watched annually to provide their employees with up-to-date processes and to ensure they remember all of the safety features. It is easy to get wrapped up in short-cuts in the day to day life and to forget the right way to do it; re-watching forklift training videos helps remind seasoned employees of the safest and most efficient ways to move product.

You may even want to quiz forklift operators after watching the video or a week later to determine how much information they retained and will take back with them to the job site.

Safety should not be taken lightly. Offering and mandating forklift training videos for newcomers and seasoned employees alike will help minimize injury and damage and increase productivity.

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