As you can imagine, customer service is critical in any sales or customer-facing position. Good customer service can even help insulate a company from potentially debilitating economic conditions. This training provides you with clear instructions on how to provide great customer service, through amusing examples of what to do and what not to do.

What you sell is important, but how you sell it is equally as important. Businesses that pay attention to every step in the customer’s experience are more successful than those that do not. Some of the best practices shared in this course cover topics such as how to pay attention to your environment, how small changes can make a big difference, wait times, and how to deal with irate customers.

While telling you what to do is important, equally important is showing you what not to do. If you do not listen to your customers, fail to have knowledge of the items you are selling, or you make things overly complicated, you will lose your customers. This training lesson gives you examples of how these mistakes play out. Utilize the information presented here and learn how to give proper customer service and ensure your customers remain happy and loyal to your business.