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Is Customer Support Incentivized to be Bad?

Have you ever experienced poor customer service or support? Something isn’t right with the product or service you bought. You sigh, steel yourself, and dial up the customer service phone number. Maybe you get lost in a convoluted voice menu. Maybe you get tired of waiting on hold after 10 or 15 minutes (or more). Maybe you become frustrated and give up when it’s clear the person you eventually speak to can’t or won’t really do anything to help resolve your situation. Maybe you’ll try again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day after that. What’s really going here? Continue reading

How to Avoid These 10 Customer Service Fails

The customer experience with customer service is representative of the customer’s entire relationship with that company. Poor customer service can end that relationship and cost a business its reputation and revenue. Businesses should strive to offer quality customer service to keep their customers satisfied because a satisfied customer spreads positive word-of-mouth and propels the business forward. A well-trained and pro-active customer service team, along with effective policies and technology, are important in avoiding customer service failures that could ultimately lead to a business closing.

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