Most cyber breaches occur by way of naive employees. This training focuses on how to prevent hacking and data breaches.

One easy way hackers get through security systems is through passwords, which is why we must create strong passwords and change them regularly. This course explains how hackers get information so employees can become more skilled at protecting their information. Phishing is another popular way hackers can get information. Opening bad files, links, or emails can sometimes give them access to your whole network. Social engineering has helped hackers make it easier to trick people into opening a corrupt file. There are clues, shown in the training, to help employees recognize red flags when receiving emails.

Giving information on a website can also pose a risk, so being careful is important. Understanding the risks and safety requirements on different websites can make a difference in protecting data. Other ways security can be affected are through the lack of security updates at companies, wireless connections and the use of USB drives. This course explains the best practices employees should follow to avoid being the weak link in an organization’s network.