Data security is all about keeping private data private. Malicious attacks on data are not new, and they are also not going away. So long as there are computers, the Internet, and stored personal data, the threat of an attack will exist. In fact, since 2005 there have been 5,593 reported breaches with over 828 million records affected. If you are not seeing data breach attempts, you are not looking hard enough.

This course explains the most common ways data is breached, including insider theft, hackers, or simple human error. Remember, your data is sent over the internet, and while there are protocols you can implement to protect it during the transfer, the internet itself is public and unprotected. Learn about other ways your data can be breached, as well as who these attackers are, through the information presented here.

It is estimated the average cost of a major data breach is 38 million dollars, which includes fines, fixes, and recovery funds. This course explains the laws regarding data breaches and identity theft, and what you can do as an employee to prevent a data breach from occurring. Use this course to help employees get in the mindset of why cyber security is critical and what their part is when it comes to protecting data.