It is a common practice for people to use one or two passwords for many different accounts online. Unfortunately, using the same password to access banking, social media, retail, and other accounts makes it easier for hackers to break in and steal private information. This training course, the fourth in a five-part series, teaches employees how to manage passwords to increase protection against hacking.

Viewers are taught the importance of having a different password for each account, and how to create strong passwords. Another important aspect of password management is to change them periodically. This course explains what to avoid when creating passwords and gives a surprising perspective on how to answer security questions.

This course also explains the value of using online password management tools. The benefit of subscribing to one of these password managers is that while the user only needs one strong password to log in to the tool, the password manager creates strong passwords for the user’s different accounts. This frees the user from having to keep track of multiple passwords. Viewers also learn about utilizing two-factor authentication.

Complete this training course to learn how to master password management and put up a strong defense against being hacked.

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