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Make The Most Of Your Learning Management System Login

You want usability and accessibility for your employees when it comes to your LMS. When your employees log on to the system to do the assigned trainings and lessons, the first thing they see is the learning management system login. So why does it seem like so many hosted platforms neglect the user face of the login screen?

At eLeaP, we strongly believe that users learn and retain more information not only based on the trainings offered, but how the trainings are offered. If your company has a fun, easy-to-use, learning management multimedia system, your employees are more likely to engage with the material.

…and this student usability starts with the learning management system login.

So, what do you need in your LMS login page?

Learning management system login examples


When users click on your login portal, they want a simple and minimalistic page. “White space” focuses on the importance of the text; this means that your employees will hone in on the few, crucial words on the page. Apply this method to your learning management system login to make it easy to understand and user-friendly.

Your users also want to know that when they put in their username and password, they will be able to access the trainings right now. They don’t want their server to deny them or have to wait for other users to log off. The access login should be available to your employees at the time they want to learn or reference materials. 

It is also important that the learning management system login page is accessible on multiple devices. Training systems are moving more and more to mobile, so employees can access learning anywhere, at any time, right at their fingertips. If your login page isn’t accessible, your users have already missed out on the chance to access new knowledge and tools.


Your users want to ensure that their email, password, training data, and personal information is secure and safe. Similarly, your company wants to ensure that the tracking data, company info, and systems and servers are safe. Thus, you want your learning management system login page to be properly secured to ward off any bots or hackers.


The page should not only be easy and simple, but you also want it to promote your brand! You want your users to go to the learning management system login portal and immediately feel like the training is part of your company—not part of a third-party site.

With eLeaP, you can upload your own logo and customize your theme and colors to reflect the feel of your brand. You can even include a description of your organization, an encouraging message to your users, or special instructions to make usage even easier.

Branding your login portal helps to establish the training as your own. This is important for employee morale and acceptance—they feel as though they are part of something bigger. They feel as though the company cares enough about their learning and development to personalize trainings for them.

Check out this short video by eLeaP to learn more about customizing your LMS login and account profile.

Make your learning management system login portal easy, secure, and personalized in order to open that first door to your employees’ development and growth! See how to implement an LMS.

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