These days, we are living in a fast-paced and tech-driven world. To keep our businesses up to date and competitive, it’s crucial that we constantly innovate and revitalize how we approach our work. Implementing new technology can boost efficiency and performance across the board. Considering that a company is nothing more than an association of different workers, it is fair to say that employees are the backbone of any company. Therefore, if we are to boost our businesses, the best place to start is by putting some life back into how we train employees.

The best way to go about revamping your employee training program is by implementing an online training system. Compared to the older method of in-class and conference-style training sessions, an online platform can reduce budgetary waste and streamline how employees gain access to their business educations. Thus, it makes sense that online training systems have been popping up all over the place in recent years.

However, finding the right online training system for your needs takes a bit of work and some mental resources. We understand that you probably don’t want to sit through another live demo. The truth is while there are so many options, there is a considerable difference between the best and worst platforms. So, the question remains, how do you find the right e-training system?

Training Online

What to Look for in an Online Training System

If you are serious about the health of your organization and want to improve performance, reduce costs, and/or strengthen compliance, you need to invest in a sound online training system. Finding what to look for is the first step. But what you might not realize is that you’ve already answered that question. Find a system that will boost your company’s performance while cutting costs and strengthening employ compliance.


When it came to older methods of training employees, the downsides lay with how complicated it was to get everyone on board. Training was once seen as a hurdle for both employers and workers. No one wanted to sit through an hour-long lecture on company policies. The average person was more likely to zone out than give their attention to the presenter.

A quality online training system such as eLeaP learning management should simplify that process. Rather than dragging employees to their training, bring the training to them. With an online platform, they will be able to complete courses in their own time and from their own spaces. Simply mandate what courses they should finish, set a due date, and they can take it upon themselves to reach compliance.

With eLeaP, workers don’t even need a background in IT to work the platform. The simple and straightforward design means that anyone with a cursory understanding of how to use a mouse and keyboard can intuitively work through their training. An online training system empowers the employee to take hold of their education.


A top online training system like eLeaP’s platform also empowers you as the employer. To offer employees a completely unique training experience, you should have complete creative control over the content. You should be able to design, create, launch, and manage your own courses and training.

The benefit of customizability is that you can develop lesson material to fit your corporate brand and culture. Falling back on premade material is a disservice to workers who are looking for content relevant to their departments and positions within the company.

Designing your own material is also more of a benefit to the employee and company as a whole. You can address areas that need improvement, such as customer service, marketing, or sales by simply uploading applicable course material. As trainees go through the lessons, you can track their progress and further assess where their weaknesses lie.

Simply upload training files, whether they are PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, PDFs, or even videos. eLeaP enables you to create quizzes and assessments including observational assessments. You can generate certificates and even provide end-users with discussion forums to practice blended learning. The possibilities for customization are as broad as your imagination.


Sometimes, technology can get in the way of a good strategy. If you are not quite ready to make the headfirst dive into a fully online platform, you can still use eLeaP’s online training system in tandem with an in-class instructor. Rather than using the system solely for classes, it can act as a management and organizational tool.

You could even go as far as to use a mixed-method by having an instructor serve as an intermediary or a mediator between the online content and the in-class sessions. Perhaps you upload all assessments onto the platform, while the instructor carries out the teaching. This could eliminate time wasted by having the teacher grade assignments. The end goal is efficiency and effectiveness.


Switching up your corporate training program to an online platform such as eLeaP could position your business ahead of all other companies still sticking to their outdated methods. As the world continues to progress towards technological solutions, don’t let your business fall into the past. If eLeaP sounds like the right choice for your business model, feel free to contact us at 1-877-624-7226 or email We look forward to answering all of your questions and can get you set up with our services today!

Here at eLeaP, we are dedicated to making our services available through whatever means possible. We understand that not everyone can dedicate themselves to a full-term contract without first trying out the product. This should be particularly true of one that could make such a difference in business. For that reason, we also offer a free trial and several options for a demonstration. Don’t go into a business decision without having all the available information. Call up and give it a shot.

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