Employee engagement is an essential measure of how satisfied employees are with their job. Those who are engaged are typically considered to be happy with their current work environment and can boost the morale of the entire team through their positivity. Engagement is a great indication of how effective your employee is in completing the necessary day-to-day tasks of their job. This is also a reflection of the organization’s workplace culture.

Managers who want to have a better way to assess how engaged their employees are could benefit from implementing a learning management system that can accurately track engagement levels. In many cases, life sciences organizations will conduct engagement surveys as a way to get a good idea of how engaged their team is.

However, these traditional surveys don’t accurately reflect your team’s engagement levels. Implementing an LMS within your ongoing training program can provide you with the data you need to have a better idea of how engaged your staff really is.

In this post, we will go over why it is important to have an accurate reflection of engagement. How having the right LMS system can help you improve and track employee engagement. eLeaP offers many powerful tools to help engagement including feedback forms and pulse surveys.

How LMS Software Can Help Your Life Sciences Organization Improve and Track Employee Engagement

The Psychological Safety Level of Your Team

Engagement surveys often don’t account for important topics like psychological safety, intrinsic motivation, and performance. An LMS that is implemented in your training program can give your management team a better sense of these crucial factors that determine engagement.

Psychological safety refers not only to how safe an employee feels in the workplace, but also how safe they feel to take interpersonal risks without feeling judged or reprimanded. While this might seem like an overly specific thing to consider on an engagement survey, it is actually a very important measure of how safe your employees feel to express themselves in the workplace.

Employees that feel psychologically safe and comfortable with their work environment tend to have better performance and engagement. Understanding how comfortable your employees feel to express their ideas, ask for feedback, or admit to their own mistakes will go a long way, increasing innovation and retention within the company. Having the right LMS will provide insight into if your employees feel safe and how engaged they are. Based on the survey results, you can quickly implement changes to increase worker engagement.

An LMS can Highlight Employee Strengths

Knowing where your employees excel is something that needs to be accounted for as a manager. By understanding your employee’s strengths, you can cater their assignments to areas they are proficient at. Recognizing and pointing out what an employee is good at can make your team feel like they matter and can ultimately increase their engagement.

With many different tools that can be implemented within an LMS platform, you will be able to quickly assess where your employees shine and can leverage that information to assign them to roles that they’re bound to succeed in.

Interestingly enough, many employees do not recognize their best attributes, which is why it is important to help them develop their skills and lead them into a role that they will ultimately do well in. Once you’re able to determine what work suits your employee using the analytics available in your LMS, you can increase their overall engagement levels by assigning them to perform tasks that they’re good at— making them more likely to do their job more productively and efficiently.

Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation often comes from within, and there are only so many incentives you can implement to get everyone on your team motivated. Those who are intrinsically motivated are most likely satisfied with their job and feel like what they’re doing is making a difference and is important.

Understanding what motivates your employees can allow you to make changes in your organization’s culture to better reflect the values that matter most to your team. Showing that you’re able to adapt your organization’s practices in a way that lines up with what motivates your team will likely boost their level of engagement and can only serve to improve employee performance.

An LMS can Promote a Healthier Work Culture

Traditional surveys often fail to adequately gauge how included employees feel in the organization. Having a culture of inclusion leads to higher levels of engagement and cannot be overlooked. By conducting quarterly surveys that include questions about workplace culture and how included every employee feels can help you better understand your weaknesses as an organization. This will allow you to adjust your mission accordingly to reflect the values of your team.

Workers who feel isolated or unincluded will often exhibit poorer performance and less engagement with their work. Your organization’s culture is often determined by how willing your company is to provide support to employees who are struggling. Having an inclusive workplace that values diverse points of view and can foster employee development can go a long way in improving overall engagement levels. It also leads to superior performance and efficiency in completing everyday tasks.


Now that we’ve gone over the main ways an LMS can help you get a better idea of the critical aspects that determine employee engagement… It is safe to say that there are many things that traditional surveys miss when it comes to presenting an accurate picture of how engaged your employees truly are.

High engagement leads to high productivity and is critical if you want to maintain efficient operations. Implementing an LMS system in your training platform can allow you to conduct detailed surveys that are easily accessible to your entire team. These surveys should measure the main factors we’ve discussed above.

By understanding how your employees feel regarding their psychological safety, strengths, intrinsic value, as well as their beliefs about overall workplace culture, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to promote the most optimal work environment.

If you’re looking for comprehensive LMS software that can help you track employee engagement and improve performance, contact us today! Our LMS software can help you do just that, and provide greater satisfaction for your employees within your organization.