Training tracking software is a must-have organizational business tool for any company that places importance on training and developing its employees. The software allows a business or organization to grab a hold of its training program and retain control throughout the process. Training tracking software passes several benefits to the organizations that use these types of programs. Discover at least four ways businesses walk away on the winning side when they use training tracking software in their organization.

What Training Tracking Software Can Do for Your Business

Tracks Everything

Any type of training program can be complex to track and manage. Training tracking software simplifies the tracking process. Some of the items the software tracks include training course enrollment, training completion for each registered employee and any training course cancellations for each employee in the organization.

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Those in charge of training can view all of this information on one screen of their computer quickly and easily. Another option is to print out this information in report form for review or distribution by management in the business.

Puts Training Schedule on Autopilot

Another organizational aspect of training software is that it puts the training schedule on autopilot. Trainers and employees with administrative status in the software program can schedule training classes, assign trainers, reserve training rooms and order or book resources necessary to complete the training. This helps to keep track of training schedules, room availability and even when trainers are in the classroom or when they are not.

Most software programs also send out automatic messages to attendees and trainers. Messages remind both parties of the date of the training. These messages also include location information and any other relevant information attendees need to attend and complete the course successfully. The software tracks the open rates of the emails too so that trainers and managers can track who is reading the messages and who is not.

Puts You in the Curriculum Driver’s Seat

The training tracking software also puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the curriculum. First, you can upload and manage content at will. Another built-in feature is you can track and print reports to show when and which employees complete portions of the training.

Streamlines Record Keeping

Probably one of the biggest organizational benefits of using training tracking software is that it streamlines the record keeping process. When it comes to training issues, everything you need to track, record or print off reports to track is all within one software system. Whether you need to review who has completed a training session and who has not, or what the test scores were for each employee in a training session, you can track it all within the software program. The program also keeps records on employee contact information, personal and professional data.

Managing training can be a complex process. With training tracking software, you can simplify the process. The software contains everything the training department of an organization needs to create, launch, manage and track its training program.

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