Any organization should place importance on their employee engagement. However, when it comes to any LMS, employee engagement suddenly becomes critical.

There are endless amounts of different LMS platforms that each have specific areas they excel in. One particular platform, eLeaP, can be incredibly effective at boosting employee engagement.

Rather than focusing on one specific area, eLeaP boosts employee engagement in several different areas. This article will examine the specific ways that eLeaP boosts employee engagement and how this can be valuable for your organization.

How Can eLeaP Help with Your Employee Engagement?

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is important for several different reasons. The following list highlights the most important elements that make engagement so vital.

  • Employee engagement shows how significant your organization’s culture is. Does your organization value its employee’s opinions and incorporate them in the decision-making or learning process? The level of engagement your employees take part in can be very telling when it comes to these characteristics.
  • Employee engagement at your company can be vital for how competitive your organization is in the current market. Having multiple opinions and different types of input for your learning platforms and other crucial areas of your organization will make you more competitive. This can bring fresh new ideas into the decision-making process.
  • Showing prospective employees that your current talent pool is welcomed and encouraged to engage can help retain future team members.

With all this being said, how exactly does eLeaP encourage employee engagement as an LMS?

How eLeaP Increases Engagement

When you are dealing with a platform as diverse as eLeaP, there are multiple ways employee engagement is increased. Let’s examine how this LMS effectively drives your employees to voice their opinions and participate.

Interactive Learning

There are many different types of interactive options on the eLeaP platform. Instructors have the option to focus on video or image-related content for different courses.

There’s no doubt that graphics are more effective at engagement and the learning process as a whole. These are a few reasons why courses are more effective when they incorporate graphics instead of all text.

  • It can take one or two paragraphs to convey the message that a single infographic can.
  • Normally graphics, such as pictures and videos, allow students to get a better grasp on the material.

What does eLeaP offer specifically to assist in the graphics department?

  • A development team capable of providing voiceovers and other animation for lessons
  • The ability to import any type of file (audio, video, picture)

Using eLeaP to Connect

One of the best ways an LMS can be used to boost engagement is through its interactive options. The eLeaP program provides multiple ways that learners can connect with each other to engage and drive each other to soar to new heights.

  • Different groups and teams can be created, allowing communication among each team.
  • Each group or team can be assigned its own form of training. If different learners are at different levels of learning or focusing on the specific course material, this is a great way to ensure efficient content.
  • Specific targeting paths can be created for each separate user. This ensures that each employee’s experience is 100% customized based on their reports and data.

Additionally, different message boards can be created and used to keep everyone connected. These message boards can be used to conduct surveys or run opinion polls to engage your learners.

Video chat software is another great highlight of eLeaP. This allows instructors to stay connected face to face with students and employees to ensure a better understanding of the material and a more personal experience.

Customizable Modules

Using eLeaP allows you to customize your courses and content to your specifications. Sometimes training that is provided, especially for a corporation, isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Although they were developed as such, certain teaching methods and modules become outdated. Having the ability to customize your course content can be extremely effective at engaging learners with updated material.

When courses are crafted to an employee’s specific needs, this has an incredible effect on the final outcome. Being able to make changes based on a learner’s strengths and weaknesses can prepare employees for higher positions within the company.

Ready-Made Content

If you need a little help preparing your course content, eLeaP has pre-built modules that are ready for learning. Included in these courses are tons of interactive and graphics material that will boost engagement from the start. We can also work with your subject matter experts or independently research, design and develop your custom content.

After you get a good feel for your learners’ direction, we give you all the tools you need to craft your own courses and change anything you want. You can even import content from other systems that you may have used in the past.

Reporting for Engagement

Using the customized reports available for each learner is a very effective tool that eLeaP provides. Performance, engagement, duration, and other metrics can be examined with the click of a button.

This is the foundation for crafting unique course material for different learners or groups of learners. Making use of this data can improve the learner experience and lead to higher levels of engagement from students and groups.

These data reports also allow instructors to save critical time and effort. Having this information at your fingertips allows instructors to engage directly better and speak to each employee’s needs.


Gamification is the integration of games and game-like features, such as competitions, into your organization’s learning and development. In eLeaP we have a gamification module which can be activated or deactivated depending on the customer’s needs. eLeaP has three main gamification elements:

Earned Points: Users earn points for completing specific actions such as viewing lessons, completing quizzes, engaging in discussion forums, customizing their user profile and many more actions. From our research, the more points users earn, the more vested they are in their learning and development.

Badges: The badges system awards four types of badges based on the user’s training or course completion. The Pioneer badge is for users who have completed up to 25% of their outstanding assigned trainings. The Ninja badge is for users who have completed up to 50% of the assigned trainings. The Trailblazer badge goes to users who have completed 75% of their assigned learnings and the Elite badge is for users who have achieved the enviable 100% completion of assigned trainings. Users are constantly checking their badge levels to see how they can move to the next level.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard provides a nice friendly competition for users. Top point earners climb the leader board and many organizations tell us they award prizes to their top learners. This is certainly worth checking out.


There is perhaps no metric more important than the level of employee engagement within an organization. Many owners don’t consider their LMS an effective tool for boosting employee engagement; this can be a critical mistake and leave a lot on the table! Just the data provided alone through eLeaP is enough to be an effective tool for boosting engagement, but it goes much further than that.

Even though LMS isn’t directly involved with the decision-making process, it directly affects your company’s atmosphere, culture, and mission statement. Encouraging engagement through your LMS breeds this same atmosphere and promotes it company-wide.

If you’re looking for comprehensive LMS software that can help you track employee engagement and improve performance, contact us today!