This is the final part of the three-part video series presenting sales skills from A to Z. In this third video, you are shown skills corresponding to letters R through Z. Utilizing these techniques help separate you from your competition. As this video is the final part in the series, the skills learned here should be combined with the skills you learned previously in the first two courses.

One lesson in this course shows you how to deal with rejection. Another lesson demonstrates how understanding the client’s needs is paramount. After all, a sale will only happen if the customer has a need and you are able to identify it and fill it. Other techniques are explored in this training lesson, including how to vary your responses and eliminate weak, wimpy words.

To realize the full benefit of these selling skills courses, all techniques learned in the three videos should be utilized together. As this video is the final part in the series, it is the culmination of the skills you have learned. You should start applying all 26 sales techniques to boost your sales.