Computer-based Training Software Demo

Computer-based training software is any software that enables organizations to create, deploy and track computer-based training courses or CBT. It is pretty clear that computers are an integral part of many companies and organizations. They are not going away. So how would you harness computer-based training software to engage your team and produce excellent results?

eLeaP can be a powerful addition. You see, many of eLeaP’s benefits are rooted in the fact that it is a computer-based training system. This means that eLeaP can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year wherever you are in the world. With our support for mobile devices, you don’t even need to have access to a computer. eLeaP’s computer-based training software opens up many attractive possibilities for your organization. Workers from multiple offices can train together. Better yet, eLeap’s computer-based training opens up the opportunity for workers around the world to connect in real-time for computer-based training courses. 

Consider the cost and logistical nightmare this would pose for conventional training? eLeaP eliminates all the obstacles associated with traditional in-person training with its computer-based training software. We also provide exceptional service and support to ensure that everything runs smoothly with eLeaP.


eLeaP is phenomenally easy to operate, even for those that have no IT background or experience. All of the customer feedback we have received has indicated that eLeaP is simple and enjoyable to use, yet packed full of powerful and valuable functionality. And because eLeaP is online, there are no expensive IT requirements for eLeaP’s computer-based training software. No installations. No new hardware necessary. No requirements for IT personnel to work with staff. eLeaP can be up and running smoothly immediately, and only needs the ability to operate a keyboard and mouse to use effectively.


We believe in working with our customers to create payment packages to suit an organization’s particular circumstances. We don’t tie you down to long-term, restrictive contracts, and we create a budget and training courses to suit your needs. Send us the files you want to incorporate in your training courses, and we’ll even create courses for you from the materials you provide. eLeaP serves the needs of everyone in your organization. It’s simple, fast, easy to use, accessible, flexible. If you want to experience all of eLeaP’s powerful features, why not sign up for our 30 day free trial today?

Let eLeaP™ help you become successful. Our e-learning management and online training solution will give you what you want: