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Trainers’ Software For HR Representatives

The Human Resources department is usually responsible for learning and development, which often includes the onboarding process, compliance, and executive growth. On top of all of HR’s other roles, L&D can often fall to the wayside—despite the fact that companies know how important it is to the growth of the company. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day or room in the budget. Even if an organization has an entire team dedicated to L&D, learning is never complete…and so the job is never complete.

Therefore, HR employee’s favorite companion is online trainers’ software that uses web-based learning management systems.

Why do HR managers love trainers’ software so much? What are the benefits of trainers’ software for human resources processes?

  1. Saves Time and Money

One of the best benefits of trainers’ software is quite simply that it saves businesses time and money on training. The average cost per employee on training and development is $1,229 according to the ATD’s State of the Industry Report. This report also found that the best companies spend more than this average on training alone. However, 50% of this high cost of training comes from instructor-led classroom expenses.

Online training has been shown to significantly lower the cost per employee per hour. This is because companies are saving money on materials, instructor salaries, physical spaces, and travel.

It also saves time and productivity hours that would usually be spent sitting in a classroom, learning at a set speed rather than the student’s necessary pace. With online trainers’ software, students can watch videos when it is convenient for their schedule and have workplace downtime. Online learning focuses on crucial time efficiency.

  1. Appeals to Varied Learning Types

Approximately 65% of people are visual learners. Thus, films and slideshows work best for these types of visual learners. However, online training doesn’t appeal only to visual learners. The beauty of this trainers’ software is that it can appeal to everyone because of the varied types of training available online, from videos to spreadsheets and from games to interactive roleplaying. The best learning management systems are able to present information in varied ways and appeal to various learners.

Moreover, web-based trainers’ software allows learning to happen anywhere, on any device, at any time. This further helps students learn in the way that is most successful for their learning needs.

eLearning systems are also vital to blended learning, which has been proven to have more success than one form of training alone. Blended learning is when classroom training, on-the-job training, and online training are all utilized in a variety of ways to help teach employees new skills in the way that is most suitable for them.

  1. Boosts Employee Engagement and Retention

When students are able to learn in the way that best fits their learning styles, engagement naturally increases. They are able to take in new information simply because it is being presented in a way that appeals to them. This boosts retention and engagement with the material. Games and quizzes are great uses of online trainers’ software, as they are interactive and force students to use and apply information.

In turn, this mixture of both retention and engagement leads to better application of skills. The students aren’t just sitting and watching a video; they are learning and taking in new talents in a stimulating way that promotes their usage of that skill in their position.

Beyond that, trainers’ software can track retention, helping human resources to better understand the success of their training programs. Learning management systems often have complex algorithms that are able to track the success and growth of an employee with regards to the training they’ve participated in online. This tracking can help HR determine which employees are ready to be put into the talent pipeline as well as evaluate the strengths and opportunities for future training sessions.    

Trainers’ Software Bottom Line

Human Resources is moving more and more towards web-based trainers’ software as a means of saving time and money while boosting the productivity of the training itself. This sort of varied online content has been proven to have a significant impact on different types of learners, enhancing engagement, retention, and application of material.

Don’t let your training investment be in vain. With the right trainers’ software, your company and HR department can see a higher return on investment for learning and development programs.