How much time does your HR team have to handle things like compliance training or leadership and management training? If yours is like most businesses in the US, your team is already pressed for time. Adding yet more responsibilities is simply not possible. Does that mean you have to outsource your training needs? Not at all. With trainers’ software, even the most time-starved HR staff can offer fast, efficient training.

Trainers Software

What Is Trainers’ Software?

Let’s start with the basics. What is trainers’ software? Simply put, it’s a web-based platform that offers access to the training that your employees require. You might be more familiar with the term learning management system, or even the acronym LMS.

Basically, trainers’ software takes the training system, digitizes it, and moves it into the cloud. That clears out space on your server and lightens the demand for resources, but it also ensures that your HR staff doesn’t have to provide the training themselves.

What Can Trainers’ Software Offer?

Training software offers almost anything your employees might need. The most common uses are for mandator corporate training, such as compliance training in HR-specific topics. Think diversity training, anti-harassment training, workplace violence training, HR law, diversity training, workplace substance abuse training, or information security training.

However, you can also use it in other situations. The right LMS can offer professional CE training and even automate the process of transferring credits to the governing body. You can also use it for voluntary training, such as if an employee wants to upskill themselves or if you’re offering career development courses to your staff.

What Benefits Does Trainers’ Software Deliver?

While trainers’ software can spare your HR team the need to split their limited time between work responsibilities and training, the right LMS can actually deliver a broad range of additional benefits.

Saves Time

How much time does it take for your HR team to train employees directly? Even if the only thing needed is corporate compliance training, that’s still a significant commitment of time. During that time, your HR team must still handle their regular daily duties, but with the added requirement of training employees.

With the right eLearning system, you enable both to occur while freeing up your team’s time. They’re able to focus on their regular duties while learners can complete their training quickly and easily online. That’s a win-win for both.

Saves Money

If your HR team is pressed for time, the second option for most businesses is to pay for instructor-led classes. That’s costly. It’s also misleading.

You assume that all of the costs incurred are directly related to training, but the truth is that fully half of that goes to other expenses. Think travel time, food, and accommodations. You also need to pay for someone to handle the employee’s responsibilities while they’re in training.

With eLearning, you eliminate those costs. Even the cost of the training itself is mitigated. Plus, your employees gain the benefit of self-paced, online learning that can be incorporated into their regular workday, meaning they lose less productivity.

Makes Learning Flexible

The next benefit ties directly into the one we just mentioned. Because trainers’ software can be worked into an employee’s regular schedule, it offers much greater flexibility. It can be tailored to suit any needs.

With online learning, your employees can complete their courses at any time, from anywhere. All they need is an Internet-connected device, like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Imagine your learners completing courses while traveling, or during their downtime! Imagine how much that benefits their lives and their sense of work/life balance.

Supports Varied Learning Types

With eLearning software, you’re able to deliver content in the format that works for specific learners. There are multiple learner types – visual learners make up about 65% of your workforce. However, there are also auditory and kinesthetic learners.With the right LMS, you can deliver content that resonates with all learners. Visual learners benefit from training videos, while auditory learners can benefit from audio-format material. Kinesthetic learners (learn by doing) can learn through interactive lessons and games. With a blend of content types, you ensure that your entire workforce has the right option to support their needs.

Improves Engagement

When you think of compliance training, chances are good you picture mind-numbing screens of text or boring videos that were produced 10 years ago with no production or entertainment value. To call them unengaging is an understatement, but somehow your employees are expected to suffer through them.

Trainers’ software can boost engagement by changing the paradigm. Training doesn’t have to be a boring, dull process. It can be enjoyable and engaging. With eLearning, what was once mind-numbing is now fun and interactive, engaging, and enjoyable.

Improves Retention

Talent retention is a major issue for most organizations. Recruiting, onboarding, and training cost time and money, but when an employee leaves, you must restart the process. Churn not only costs time and money, but it also fragments your team.

With trainers’ software, you’re able to boost employee retention. Simply step beyond mandatory compliance training and offer access to online career development courses. By investing in your employees’ futures, you show them you care and value them. In turn, they’re more likely to stay with you for longer periods, reducing churn, and improving overall performance and efficiency for the organization.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the information above, trainers’ software delivers critical advantages your business needs. It ensures that your HR team can focus on what they do best while still delivering the compliance training required. However, it goes so much deeper than just ticking that compliance box.

With the right learning management system, you can reduce churn, improve employee engagement, and enhance talent retention. You can build a strong, thriving team by investing in their future with career development courses and more.

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