It would be nice to think that you don’t have to lift a finger to make sure your company culture is one that features integrity, inclusion and ethical decision-making. Unfortunately, the all-too-common experience of many companies says otherwise. Building a health company culture of integrity requires a very deliberate and well-planned effort. One important piece of this puzzle your company can leverage sooner than later to its advantage is online compliance training. The benefits to your company are both real and profound. Not only will your employees be empowered to work together more effectively and productively, it also helps reduce and minimize your company’s exposure to legal risks in the form of expensive litigation that often results when company culture fails to deal with problematic behaviors in the workplace.

Research studies have found that ethical behavior training courses for doctors, lawyers and other professionals makes them more productive, more engaged and more successful overall. It’s also worth noting that ethical companies do better than less ethical companies, outperforming them by an average of 3.3% thanks to the benefits mentioned above.

Online compliance training is a great way to obtain these benefits because it’s easily scalable and by far the most cost-effective way to do it. Here are some reasons why it works so well:


By having all employees access the same training material, you’re guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page with a consistent message you need them to receive. Having this kind of company-wide baseline for ethical behavior is priceless. When everyone has learned how to be ethical business leaders  and ethical decision-making, for example, or understands how diversity creates a stronger company and positively impacts the bottom line, this kind of solid common foundation becomes something you can build upon.  Online compliance training courses create a unified, cohesive message around expectations and requirements regarding company culture.

Online Compliance Training


Acting ethically is easy when the situation being faced is relatively simple or black-and-white, but there will always be lots of situations your employees face that fall into a gray area where determining the right or best course of action is not immediately clear or easy to determine. Good online compliance video training content will give lots of practical examples and interactive scenarios that mimic all kinds of real-world work situations your employees might face. The content also serves as an excellent springboard into active discussions among your employees about the scenarios and the process of how others come to a decision about what is right. This kind of extended learning is what leads to a better company culture for everyone.


Establishing a company culture of integrity and ethical behavior and decision-making requires a clear commitment starting at the very top of the organizational chart. By assembling and disseminating high-quality online compliance training materials, employees will see this commitment of time, money and energy, thereby realizing how important it is to the company’s leadership.

Whatever practical steps like online training that can be taken to nurture a workplace feedback loop for everyone is critical to the success of any company at every level of the organization from the top down and the bottom up.


When your company’s online compliance training materials are well-aligned to its business goals, you’ll be helping guarantee that everyone throughout the organization is also aligned to the company’s business goals as well as the desired workplace environment to go with them. When employees have the opportunity to move through the material at their own pace, they’ll have the time they need to see how their personal values align to company values, which can lead to greater productivity and loyalty to the company.

It should be clear now that a company ignoring online compliance training is missing out on a huge range of benefits, not to mention jeopardizing its success by increasing the chances of allowing an unhelpful organizational culture to take root (and which is very difficult to change). When a cost-effective, easily scalable way exists to accomplish compliance training by doing it online, it would be shortsighted not to take advantage of it.

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