Online Compliance Training

Building a Culture of Integrity Through Online Compliance Training

Online compliance training helps engender a company culture of integrity, inclusion, and ethical decision-making. A compliant corporate culture enables higher employee engagement, productivity, and profitability. It also reduces legal risk and issues that stem from problematic behaviors at work.

Medical schools are even making a push towards including ethics studies courses into their required core curriculums. There are significant findings that demonstrate that doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who take a series of ethics courses are more productive, engaged, client-centric, and make a higher percentage salary. Similarly, ethical companies outperform their competitors by about 3.3% due to an engaged workforce and avoidance of legal issues.  

In order to create a corporate environment that builds and supports its employees, you need to implement policies and trainings that encourage ethical behavior. Online compliance training is a consistent, scalable, and cost-effective way to disseminate this information to employees.

How is online compliance training the best method for developing an ethical culture?


Online compliance training ensures that everyone learns the same, consistent message. No matter where, when, or who—everyone in the company gets the same training. For example, all employees would know the same three steps to ethical decision-making, and all would understand how diversity aids to the financial and cultural development of the business. Online training courses create a unified and cohesive message towards the desired company culture.


It is easy to act ethically when it’s black and white, but often business ethics are a grey area. Online compliance training gives practical examples and interactive scenarios that put employees in real work situations. It begs the question: how would you respond in this situation versus how should you respond? These scenarios also create a conversation about ethics between employees after partaking in the online course. It becomes a topic of lunch conversation—what did you think about x ethical solution? Continuous dialogue leads to a changed company culture.


Companies need to demonstrate a top-down commitment to the culture of integrity. Online compliance training establishes this organizational promise. It shows time, money, and energy being dedicated towards the development of the culture. Online compliance training helps to promote a positive working environment for everyone. It is crucial for employees at all levels—including the CEO and senior executives—to take these courses in order to create a cohesive corporate culture with strong top-down and bottom-up commitment. 


Since online compliance training allows employees to work at their own pace, they can take the time to reflect on the material and understand the corporate viewpoint. This helps them understand how the company’s policies align with their own personal core values, which in turn elevates engagement and loyalty to the organization.

Online compliance training not only spreads necessary legal information, but it helps promote policies and behaviors through scalable and consistent interaction with the educational tools. It forces employees to take a look in the mirror at their own business ethics and how they fit into the corporate culture. Online compliance training creates a professional application that embodies a corporate culture of integrity.

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