According to the latest State of the American Workplace Report, nearly 70 percent of U.S. workers don’t like their job. This leads to a disconnected, less productive workplace. Employees are shown to be more engaged and happy in the workplace when well trained to do their jobs and feel they are adding to the success of the company.

How to select the right online training platform

Thorough training boosts employee confidence and makes them feel they are contributing to something bigger. As the cost of good employee training rises and the need for well-trained, happy employees remains high, it is important to choose the right online training platform that not only meets the needs of your company but also will be effective and user-friendly for the employees who must use the training platform. Training platforms are also very useful in supporting career path development and can inspire employees.

E-learning allows companies to establish an online learning program at little expense because it is convenient and efficient for employees to use as it accesses information through the various forms of technology that are already present in daily life and at most companies. Videos, pictures, illustrations, and tables are cleanly formatted into an interactive training platform. With no need to print, copy, or distribute, e-learning users can use desktop computers, tablet computers, and mobile phones for ease of training access. This on-demand learning allows training employees to access the material anytime, anywhere. When choosing an e-learning training platform it is important to consider any additional services that they offer in terms of accessibility or re-use opportunity that will improve the experience for employees and possibly cut costs for the company.

Informality versus formality is an important piece to keep in mind when choosing an online training platform. E-learning, as an entity and concept, is more informal than formal training seminars although within this broad category some companies feature platforms that are more or less informal in nature. The inclusion of flash video output can instantly wake up workers and it can take the monotony out of the usual seminars. Take into account the depth of the training that is possible and how applicable it is to the employee’s work in the real world. The online training platform should support content that will teach new skills, teach directly transferable skills, and should engage the students with appropriate learning activities.

 If your company is not developing the training content, numerous companies sell or lease content that can be put together as part of a training program. This may be a generic option but it also is available right away and if it is purchased through the online training platform provider, it is sure to work glitch-free for instant use without any formatting errors. Training content may be personalized to include information that is specific to the industry for which it is used as well as personalizing questions and information for certain professions or tiers within the company. Because E-learning software is adaptable, businesses have the ability to adopt and adapt to changes circumstances. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right online training platform and it is important to thoroughly research options and look beyond reviews from other companies to see how it would directly apply to your company’s training needs. Health and safety are the most popular training topics in the workplace. Employee training in business policy and workplace ethics contribute to less loss in the workplace as well as more employee loyalty. Choosing a training platform for your company is an important decision. Making the switch to the right e-learning management system will ensure that your employees receive a thorough, effective training experience that motivates them and increases productivity.

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