Retail Sales Training

Retail Sales Training For Better Customer Service

Retail sales training enlivens the store floor with happy employees and happy customers. With the retail industry seeing a recent hiccup in foot traffic, employees often feel demotivated and unfulfilled at their jobs as they struggle to make sales and money. A decrease in employee engagement correlates to a drop in customer service. As the retail industry is changing, customer service is the primary differentiator between different retailers and between eCommerce and brick and mortar. The customer is choosing their store loyalty based on great, luxury service and a knowledgeable and professional staff.

The best way to boost this customer service in your store? Training. Retail sales training enables consistency and engagement that enhances the customer experience and creates overall sales success. 


It is crucial to have consistency on the sales floor, and retail sales training enables that uniformity. Great customer service needs to be delivered every day by everyone, and the best way to promote this is through continuous and scalable pieces of training.

For example, Bloomingdales has an onboarding and development course called “Selling The B-way.” It teaches the policies, procedures, and tools for client service that selling professionals should utilize on the floor. They have a similar course called “Coaching The B-way” for managers that teaches how to coach and lead employees towards consistent customer service. When you go to Bloomingdales, you should have the same service whether you are in the women’s shoe department or the men’s coats department.

Online retail sales training especially enables this consistency. Utilizing an online platform ensures that every selling professional sees and learns the same methods and procedures, producing the necessary store uniformity.  

Employee Engagement

It’s not possible to teach an employee to love their job. What is possible, though, is teaching them how they can feel rewarded and fulfilled at their job. Retail sales training can develop employee engagement through interactive games and encouragement of positive behaviors. It can teach practical and valuable techniques that selling professionals can use to retain and gain clients, so the slow foot traffic won’t seem so daunting. It can teach new skills that may not have been previously utilized, like phone orders or clienteling tools. Online courses can teach newcomers and seasoned associates alike the preferred sales processes of the company.

Retail sales training can also demonstrate the importance of the sales professional to the overall success of the company. On the sales floor, the bigger picture oftentimes gets lost in the day-to-day. Utilizing courses helps to teach not only skills but also how to utilize the skills towards personal success. Employees are more engaged when they feel as though they are contributing to the larger organization. Retail sales training can build this larger, organization-wide perspective of how sales is a crucial contributor to financial success. When salespeople succeed, everyone succeeds.  

Consistency and engagement are crucial to great customer service on the sales floor. In a changing industry, continuous retail sales training creates this coherent message and builds employee engagement that will continue to boost sales and service. 

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