There are significant benefits when it comes to corporate training. Personalized corporate training is even more effective, as it’s catered to the individual needs of each learner.

Personalizing Corporate Training with Your LMS

Benefits of Personalized Corporate Training

If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what personalized corporate training entails, consider the following benefits it provides:

  • Your learners’ needs are met more efficiently, and training doesn’t get wasted on areas where it’s not needed. Each employee has a personalized form of training, so no two courses are exactly the same.
  • It improves your employees’ engagement during training sessions. If your employees are only fed the most relevant information based on skill gaps or knowledge they lack, they’re more likely to give training their full attention. When they’re forced to digest course material about things they’re already proficient in, it can create a disconnect.
  • The learning experience and course as a whole are much easier to customize. You can easily go back and make changes based on your results. This allows you to make a much better connection with your employees.
  • After learners complete courses, administrators can analyze their work and provide personalized feedback. This is important, especially when this feedback happens in real-time. Employees get tips and critiques at the exact moment they need them, which makes this feedback more effective.

Additionally, personalized training changes the way employees look at the training as a whole. They no longer look at training as a waste of time or a boring necessity. Instead, they embrace the training and are far more engaged.

If you want to develop more personalized training, you can use the following LMS features to assist you:

  • Personal learning paths
  • Mobile learning
  • Real-time job aids
  • Blended learning
  • Social learning communities

Understanding all of this, consider using the following strategies to create personalized corporate training.

Strategies for Developing Personalized Corporate Training

Each of these strategies can be incredibly effective in crafting a personalized corporate training program.

Create Personalized Modules

One of the biggest problems companies face is that all employees learn at a different pace. In many cases, this is because the information is presented too fast or too slow for one employee to remember everything they need to know for every certification exam or test.

The solution? Create personalized training modules for each employee to help them discover how they learn best. This allows employees to progress through material at their own pace instead of trying to force everything into their head all at once with only 10 minutes of studying per day. This is why personalized corporate training exists in the first place!

Some employees will learn better by doing practice exams. Others will need videos and quizzes to help them retain information. Some may need even more visual aids like infographics or screenshots so that they can fully understand what they’re looking at when studying.

By creating these types of modules within your system and allowing learners to personalize their training, you’re ensuring that everyone gets the most out of every module and the course as a whole rather than having one or two people doing very well in one type of lesson while the rest of the class struggles to remember how things work.

Use Mobile-Friendly Learning Modules

If you’re reading this article on your phone while in a break room or on your way back from lunch, you already know that many people these days prefer mobile learning over traditional online learning courses in corporate environments. This provides a huge opportunity for you as an LMS administrator or trainer.

If you plan on creating custom corporate courses for your employees, why not cater your content to mobile devices? After all, if your system allows for mobile learning, it should be included.

Whether you create a specific platform for mobile learning or simply allow learners to access their training via any tablet or smartphone, you’ll see higher participation rates and ultimately greater retention among your learners.

Use Real-Time Job Aids

Do your learners struggle to keep up with all the new skills and certifications demanded by modern business practices? Are they overwhelmed by all the knowledge they should know without drowning themselves in a sea of information?

The solution is to include real-time job aids as a part of your learner’s course. Real-time job aids are short video clips that allow learners to instantly apply new technologies and practices to their current jobs in real-life situations. These video clips can also be used as quizzes to measure whether someone truly comprehends the content taught as part of the lesson.

Blend Multiple Formats in Your Training Courses

You cannot train an individual effectively just through reading articles or watching videos on a computer or tablet. To truly prepare someone for success in the real world, you need to engage their senses in some way.

This can include everything from incorporating interactive flashcards into your lessons (something we’ve already talked about) to creating audio files that play each time certain text appears on the screen so that readers are actively engaged during each lesson.

The more senses you use when teaching users about new topics, the more likely they are to recall information long after they take their course.

All of these tips will make it easier for employees to learn new technology skills as they continue to advance within their careers without being overwhelmed by too much knowledge at once. This brings us to one final tip.

It may not technically be personalized corporate training, but it can certainly help employees advance and learn more efficiently. Consider adding microlearning into your corporate training to optimize the employee experience.

Microlearning is when you break courses up into much smaller, digestible pieces of content. This, combined with personalized training, can get maximum benefits and ROI out of your training program.

Here at eLeaP, we can provide you with the solutions you need to improve your employee training program and garner your results. Go ahead and set up a 30 day free trial today to check out how our system can work for you and your team!