Have you ever had a burning question that you just had to have answered? Like a young child asking “Why?” about everything, it was suddenly imperative that you know how a fish breathes underwater or what the world’s best chefs actually eat for breakfast. You are not alone! If you are currently asking yourself, “What is microlearning?” you already know the answer.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is simply education that happens in short, focused chunks. Informally, it’s the process you go through when you type a question into Google. In a formal setting, it can often look like getting a fast primer on how to perform a specific skill from a five-minute training video. It’s a great way to get a specific answer to a very niche problem.

What Makes Something a Microlearning Course?

In order to understand what is microlearning, let’s look at the characteristics of a microlearning course.

When you are researching what is microlearning, you may also come across the term nano learning. These terms are interchangeable. Both describe the short, highly specific content that is meant for fast learning.

The Benefits of Microlearning

No matter what you call it, there are many benefits to microlearning. Here are some ways that this technique could be advantageous to your team:

With all of these benefits, you will see more engaged learners, who develop skills faster and retain information longer – and all of this comes at a lower cost for you.

When Should You Use Microlearning?

There’s no question that microlearning is an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes. But when should you use this tool in your office? Here are some examples of when microlearning is a great option:

Drawbacks of Microlearning

There aren’t many drawbacks to choosing microlearning for your office. It is not suited for topics where you want to encourage deep expertise, and formal academic employees may find it too shallow for their personal senses of curiosity.

Additionally, microlearning is often perceived as casual because it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require much of a time commitment. This may not be appropriate for certain workplace cultures.

However, the benefits of microlearning far outweigh these concerns for most office leaders.

What is Microlearning? The Answer to Your Modern Training Needs

You should now have a great understanding of what is microlearning. This modern training technique is fantastic for almost any office. You can give your employees the power to learn when and where they can and save your resources doing it.

Many LMS platforms offer microlearning solutions within the education tracks. When you are developing your training plan, be sure to consider how you can include some short, concise training into the modules.