Virtual and in-person instructor-led training gives your Learning Management System the best of both worlds, enabling every student to receive training in the way that matches their learning style. Classroom training is the traditional form of corporate and school learning. However, as web-based programs skyrocket in popularity, it seems to many that these classrooms are losing their value and online learning is the end-all be-all of training.

Instructor Led Training

In fact, the opposite is true.

Certain training programs, especially behavioral-based trainings, have been shown to fail when learners are sent out to do it on their own. Instructor-led training enables a support system of learning between student and instructor as well as between student peers.

The answer to this duality of learning systems?

Blended learning. Blended learning combines online and classroom trainings to ensure that students receive the necessary skills and behaviors in a variety of forms. This allows trainings to be completed in ways that are most conducive to the learners and to the skills being learned.

But blended learning doesn’t solely mean web-based, multimedia content. It means pairing online courses with instructor led trainings. How can you fuse the two in a way that allows these platforms to correlate and build on one another?

E-Tracking Instructor-Led Training

Use your online LMS to track and analyze your instructor led training in the classroom. E-Tracking in-person training allows you to maintain consistency between the two platforms and to continuously and reliably analyze the effectiveness of trainings.

What are some key features for your instructor-led training tracking system?

Assessing Classroom and Online Trainings

Tracking your classroom-based trainings online generates convenience and usability for all parties. Beyond that, it also enables instructors to assess the effectiveness of training programs. They are able to see which students did well in which courses, and how these programs were able to build on one another. It creates a single user face for each learner that tracks future behaviors and gained skills in order to determine how effective these online and instructor-led trainings were.

Don’t neglect the support network and high value of the classroom, but don’t nay-say the benefits of eLearning courses either. Together, the two can unite to create the utmost possible success. If you use your online LMS to track your instructor led training, you’ll be able to create a consistent and highly productive learning program for your students.

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