According to a recent study, 94 percent of employees would stay longer at a job if the organization invested in their careers. We can drill down from there. Getting buy-in from managers is critical. Fifty-six percent of employees would take a course suggested by their manager. This suggestion not only leads to increased engagement, but it makes an impact on employees.

Employee training can become a means of altering employee behavior – not in a punitive way, but so that gaps in organizational performance can be closed. Sometimes organizations are ‘forced’ or gently coerced to performing training due to the findings of an audit, financial requirements or for professional certification reasons. On occasion, findings require corrective action and if that affects a relatively large number of employees, training is often the solution to meeting the requirements. Here are 5 ways you can implement effective employee training.

Employee training that works

Regardless of the reason for conducting employee training, we believe eLeaP is the ideal online platform to conduct all of your employee training. You don’t need to worry about the ineffectiveness of some inappropriate, off-the-shelf training course with eLeaP. You can create your own ideal training course using your own files such as PDF, Microsoft Office, photos, audio and video.

Or if you’d prefer to take advantage of our course creating experience, send us the files, and we’ll create the course for you from scratch. For those that need content services, we do have a world-class course library ready to be deployed in no time.

Employee training using eLeaP will enable you improve performance, reduce costs and strengthen compliance. One of the most common questions we get when it comes to employee training has to do with determining whether the training effort is worth the time and resources you are putting into it. We believe you as the training department or leadership should be able to show a positive ROI for your training program.

Luckily, with eLeaP, you are able to measure your return on investment. In addition to this with eLeaP platform, there’s no need to worry about dealing with employees based at multiple locations, and getting them together in the same place at the same time, tracking both in person (classroom-based) training as well as online training. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is important for building efficiency into your processes. Having employee training analytics provides you deep insights into the effectiveness of your training program.

Typically traditional training entails overheads such as travel, expenses, consultants, and all the other related costs. eLeaP is completely based online, and won’t cost you a cent aside from your monthly fee. And every employee of your company can access it 24/7, 365 days of the year, wherever in the world they are via mobile devices.

And you don’t need to be an IT expert to use eLeaP’s employee training software. If you can use a keyboard and a mouse, we pledge that you can get going with eLeaP immediately.

Do these sort of negative training experiences ring a bell with you?

“I am sick and tired of expensive and complicated learning and training management systems”

“Why can’t they just build a simple employee training system that anyone can use without having to go for a degree in computer science”

“The last company handed us a contract so complex and long we hired a law firm just to decipher what exactly they were offering us.”

“I don’t want to deal with another maintenance contract or long term commitment I can’t get out of”

“ooh don’t get me started. They did not offer any free trial. Yet they wanted me to drop several thousand dollars without test driving the system… do I look crazy to you”

“Well the truth is my training budget is shrinking, the boss wants me to do more with less. We can not afford an expensive system … but we need a system that works. You know .. easy to use and works, just works”

“IT says we should not install anything on the network. Oh yea and none of those complicated software programs either.. what am I supposed to do?”

“Look, I want an employee learning and training management system that does the job well. I don’t want a system that tries to do everything and ends up not doing anything well. Know what I mean?”

“Our company has a high threshold when it comes to security of our information. We don’t want anything ending on the wrong places. Security is paramount. We can’t afford any breaches or down time”

“I need to train folks in Japan, Germany and US. Please tell me there is a way to do that .. without having to fly to all these places…Is your learning management solution affordable?”

By contrast, check out some of the feedback our satisfied customers have given us:

“I found the eLeaP Training/Learning System very easy to use, from entering and formatting the information, setting up users and entering the test questions. I am very pleased with the company itself.

The staff walked me through their employee training system, responded quickly to any questions I had, was very professional. They made it a very pleasant experience. I would recommend eLeaP to anyone looking for this type of software.”

Toni Garrard, Training Consultant, Listrom & Associates, LLC.

“Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate all the assistance you and eLeap have given to KPS. It has been great working with eLeap to set up our on-line training program. We have company associates and contractors all over the US who will be able to take advantage of our new training capabilities.

Prior to this we had to bring trainees into our head office disrupting their work schedules and incurring significant costs. Now we can deliver important course material to them 24/7 without paying a cent for travel costs.

They can take our courses at their home offices or while working on the road. With this new found capability, we can expand our coursework because it is so simple to set up and administer. We look forward to greater company performance because of the eLeaP training platform.”

James Costanza, Manager, Construction Services Kysor Panel Systems

If you’re still not ready to commit to eLeaP, why not try our 30 day free trial today? This will allow you to sample the sophistication, yet simplicity, of the eLeaP system, and then you can agree a personalized payment package once the thirty days is up. Check out the 2-minute Quick Overview of eLeaP, and sign up today.

Let eLeaP help you become successful. Our e-learning management and training solution will give you what you want:

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