Good hygiene has always been associated with better health, so keeping clean should always be a priority. In the wake of a global pandemic, it has never been more important. This short (and hilarious) training course helps ensure that you and your workplace are as well-positioned as possible to stop the spread of germs and keep everyone comfortable and safe.

What to do when you are sick, how to cough or sneeze, where to stand when you’re talking to others, this video has it all. Plus a few more surprises like grammar lessons, fashion advice, and possibly a message everyone needs to hear that nobody else has ever been willing to put on video. This is far and away the most entertaining hygiene training you will ever see.

This microlearning features a short video training session providing practical, actionable, and engaging best practices for employees. Most popular uses for microlearning courses like this include standalone training, blended learning, self-directed learning, learning reinforcement, and on-demand learning.