In most industries working with hazardous materials is always a possibility. The OSHA access to medical records standard grants employees the right to access medical records relevant to the hazards they face at work. This informative video program provides ways to find accurate detailed information about exposure to such materials.

While watching this training video, the viewer witnesses various ways to identify hazardous materials within their work place. Safety Data Sheets and other records are looked at. Because hazardous materials (harmful physical agents) are also things like noise and heat and radiation, the training features information on how to gain access to records detailing each hazard. Employees are given the right by law to have access to this information. These rights include access to exposure records when exposed to hazardous materials.

This training is a must for any person working in any industry where risk of hazardous exposure is real. A short informational quiz follows this training video to ensure the viewer has understood all key concepts.