Being treated badly or having to jump through hoops is no way for any customer to be treated, including your co-workers; after all they are your customers too. This training for healthcare professionals uncovers steps to improve your workplace relations.

You should treat your fellow co-workers with the same compassion and respect you would apply to interacting with patients and other external customers. Using some of the same service techniques applied with external customers you can make your healthcare facility a better place to work. This Video On Demand training provides understanding on serving the needs of all of your customers with an eight-step approach that includes learning to identify your customers, determining their needs, making a plan to provide better service, carrying out the plan, showing the right attitude, following up, measuring progress and becoming a good customer.

At the end of this training health care employees and professionals are informed, invigorated and ready to service internal and externals customers with a high level of skill and integrity.