It is common for workplaces to have employees from three or four different generations. This training course gives an overview of the skills and values each generation brings to the workplace, presents the values shared by all, and offers insight on how to effectively lead generationally diverse teams.

The four working generations are known as Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Research has shown that each generation can be characterized by certain traits. For example, Baby Boomers tend to be team players and loyal to their company; Generation Xers build strong teams and seek a balance between their professional and private lives; Millennials desire feedback, are socially conscious, and want to do work that is meaningful; and many from Generation Z would like to start their own business and believe in making a global impact.

Researchers have found five values that are shared by all four generations. These include organizational success, good leaders, challenging projects, age acceptance, and uncertainty of the future. This course explores each of these shared values and explains how they translate into a workplace that meets the needs of all. For instance, everyone wants their organization to succeed, and desires opportunities for training and development.

Viewers are taught several traits of an effective leader, such as being approachable and acting as a coach. This course also shows how to build a strong and cooperative team.

Take this course to learn how to successfully lead a generationally diverse team.