Despite the wealth of information, books, seminars, and articles on how to engage employees, two-thirds of workers feel disengaged from their workplace. Using a comprehensive study on employee engagement as its basis, this entertaining training course teaches leaders the top six motivators of engaged employees.

These motivators include the following: the job itself; relationships with co-workers; opportunities to use skills and abilities; relationships with immediate superior; contribution of their work to the organization’s overall goal; and autonomy and independence. The hosts of this course show ways to provide employees with elements of each motivator and explain how each motivator requires effective leadership.

Viewers learn effective leadership has both a human aspect as well as a vision or mission aspect. The human aspect is what makes employees feel valued and respected, such as encouraging a positive work environment and rewarding success. The vision or mission aspect has to do with what the organization is doing, why they are doing it, and how they are going to do it. An effective leader shares their vision, communicates why it matters, and defines how everyone is essential in accomplishing that vision.

Watch this training course to learn how to effectively engage employees in the workplace.