Studies show call centers have an annual turnover rate of 30% to 45%. This training course teaches managers three processes to help them retain call center employees: hire the best people for the job; keep employees motivated; and affirm and reward the team.

The first process, hiring the best people, means employers should look for certain qualities in job candidates. Some of these qualities include being organized, friendly, and calm under pressure. Viewers are shown how measurements can be used to motivate employees. Having goals, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) provide tangible objectives for employees to work towards.

This course illustrates how affirming and rewarding employees has a tangible effect on the whole company. For every 10% increase in employee engagement, customer service levels rise by 5% and profits increase by 2%. Positive feedback and incentive programs stimulate employees and offer relief from the demanding nature of call center work.

Complete this training course to learn how to create and maintain a successful call center team.