Choosing the right training and educational resources for your team is a matter of knowing what those resources are. Businesses need to understand all of the options that are available and how those resources can improve their learning and development initiatives. Today, there are several solutions to choose from and they each have their focus, as well as their pros and cons to consider.

Organizations that are trying to develop a stronger learning and development culture have a lot of resources available to them today. While many focus on finding the right learning management system, they also overlook the potential value of an LXP or learning experience platform. Read on to learn what each offers and how to decide which is best for your organizational needs.

LMS vs. LXP: What One Will Benefit Your Organization?

Learning Management System

A learning management system, or LMS, is designed to assist with the administration and facilitation of the learning and development process. It tracks the progress of organizational team members and lists future training and educational demands, and ensures that all goals are met and people are hitting the necessary marks when it comes to compliance.

This is more about the learning and the tracking, and less about the user experience. After all, you can pick and choose different user experiences in the creation of the training programs that you design with your LMS, so why should the system bother with trying to figure it out for you? Today, the leading learning management systems are designed to deliver a robust learning experience that focuses on the user. This is why the learning experience platform is quickly becoming a standard part of the modern LMS.

An LMS offers:

  • Tracking & monitoring
  • Certification management
  • Delivers better engagement and retention
  • Automates tasks making your life easier
  • Indispensable for compliance

A learning management system consists of several moving parts. It will be important for you to review the platforms that are out there and see what they can do to help in the way of retaining your top talent, continuously meeting compliance, and being able to manage the learning and development at your organization.

Learning Experience Platform

A learning experience platform is a modern technology platform that develops and monitors personalized, interactive learning, and delivers an employee-focused look at the overall experience. This is a platform that tracks learning and development, and focuses on a collaborative, peer-focused learning experience.

LXPs are appreciated for their ability to provide training on the job, allowing learners to study and do training on their own time, and present a variety of user-generated content to help to that end. The constantly changing learning goals and intentions impact just how people work and how they can work smarter, and harder, to develop the best solutions for managing and monitoring employee training and more.

An LXP offers:

  • Content aggregation and tagging
  • Users in control
  • Predictive user experience
  • Total immersive experience
  • Better interactivity and engagement with team members and organizational leaders

Essentially, you’re also getting an interactive experience that can make learning and intelligence more accessible for your organization. The LXP is the modern progression that allows organizations to have multiple systems in place to manage and facilitate training content of all kinds. It has become another valuable asset in the learning technology of several organizations.

An LXP is not designed to replace the modern LMS, but to enhance it and offer a new platform where users can exchange information and learn about the different learning tools and techniques available for organizations and their team members today. It enables everyone to have access to tagged data and content with a focus on skills and job capabilities, and it even offers tools to ensure that users and managers can plan, identify, track, and further push their professional development.

How to Choose the Right Solutions

There is no formula for choosing the ideal solution for learning and development. It’s such a personal matter that it’s going to be up to the organization, ultimately. However, the best organizations find that they have much more success with learning and development when they understand the decision-making process and know how to look through the pros and cons of LMS and LXP systems that can integrate capabilities and training that will keep your team’s resources sharp.

It’s less about choosing which platform will be right for your needs and more about figuring out what each program has to offer. You may choose one or the other, or you may choose to incorporate an LMS that also includes an LXP to create easily expandable solutions and ensure that you can deliver the type and level of information that people need. When you are looking at the comparison between the modern LXP and traditional LMS solutions:

An LXP has learning and objectives that includes social, adaptive, experiential, informal, and other learning styles and methods, with the ability to manage your eBooks, resources and knowledge base, blogs, and other content. The LMS has robust tracking and monitoring tools that you can access anytime anywhere, with a variety of features to meet your overall learning & development needs as well as compliance. Both offer a great user experience focused on a shift toward learning that is self-directed and self-paced, even when live training modules are included.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Learning Resources

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