There is a scenario that happens all too often in businesses, especially smaller and medium-sized businesses: An employee who does well at their job and is highly productive is shifted from the “front lines” and into a management role, often with little or no training. They will either sink or swim in this new role. Many fail, which should come as no surprise if their shift into management didn’t include adequate training. Those who are lucky enough to do well might eventually find themselves being shifted again out of their management role and into a higher leadership role in the company. Once again, however, if the shift in role doesn’t include adequate training, their success is far from guaranteed. The entire process feels more like a game of chance than a deliberate development effort. When summarized in this way, it sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? And yet this scenario plays itself out over and over in millions of businesses across the nation and around the world. Isn’t it time for your company to take a more proactive approach to developing your employees into the managers and leaders your company will need to survive and thrive in the 21st century? The good news is that Leadership Skills Training Video Courses from eLeaP can help!

Leadership Skills Training for What?

Leadership Skills Training: eLeaP Video-on-Demand Courses

So much has been written about leadership that it’s enough to make a person’s head spin. There are dozens of leadership theories and models, hundreds of leadership institutes and gurus, thousands of books and yes, there are even leadership apps for your smart devices. But all this leadership material floating around out there begs the question – what exactly is leadership? Or, framed differently – leadership for what? There is no universally accepted definition for leadership, but one that is both simple and elegant was once offered up by leadership scholar Richard A. Couto – Taking initiative on behalf of shared values. Part of why this definition is appealing is that it makes leadership accessible to anyone and everyone. Couto was also a founding member of Antioch University’s PhD in Leadership and Change, and it’s the name of this degree program that answers the question of what leadership is for – Change. Being a leader is about leading change. The pace of change in the 21st century is both rapid and turbulent. Leadership guru Peter Vaill calls it a state of “permanent white water.” Because of this, the most important thing anyone can do who is interested in sharpening their leadership abilities is gain a better understanding of the relationship between leadership and change. eLeap is pleased to offer the following 6-part, on-demand video course designed for exactly that purpose:

Creating a Mindset for Change

  • Part 1: Changing Your Mindset
  • Part 2: Managing Moments
  • Part 3: Embracing Change
  • Part 4: Making it Happen
  • Part 5: Influencing Others
  • Part 6: Building Awareness

You can find more information and previews of the Creating a Mindset for Change on-demand video course at eLeaP Leadership Skills Training Video Courses.

Practical Leadership Skills

Leaders are expected to be up-to-speed on a host of skills and trends in the workplace, from hiring and firing to providing high-quality feedback to employees to coaching, mentoring and more. Anyone who finds themselves in a leadership role, which could be at any level within the organization, would do well to check out eLeaP’s on-demand video course geared towards these kinds of practical skills:

Leadership Capsules

  • Providing Performance Feedback
  • The Leader as Coach
  • The Leader as Mentor
  • Beginning Employment Relationships
  • Ending Employment Relationships
  • In Compliance

You can find more information and previews of the Leadership Capsules on-demand video course at eLeaP Leadership Skills Training Video Courses.

When Leaders Speak

Like it or not, when leaders speak, people are listening, and while this is especially true for leaders who are in formal or titled leadership positions in an organization, it applies to leaders, managers and others at any level in the company. There are communication strategies that can address a wide range of situations in the workplace, and eLeaP has a series of on-demand video trainings to teach anyone how to respond effectively in such situations:

What to Say When…

  • Conducting Interviews and Appraisals
  • Generations Clash
  • Haunted by the Ghost of Your Predecessor
  • Manager Collection
  • People are Wasting Time Online
  • Setting Objectives
  • Someone Resists Change
  • Someone’s Not Doing What You Need
  • There’s Conflict Between Team Members
  • You’re Asked to Host a Meeting

You can find more information and previews of the What to say When on-demand video course at eLeaP Leadership Skills Training Video Courses.

Leadership is both an art and a science that no one can master overnight or by reading the latest best-selling leadership book. Putting some time and resources into developing leaders among your employees is one of the smartest investments you can make in the future success of your company, and eLeaP Leadership Skills Training Video Courses are a great starting point. Sign up for our Free Trial and see what eLeaP can do for you and your company!