Health and Safety e Learning

Managing Health and Safety e-Learning Programs

We all know that the health and safety of one’s staff is of paramount importance to the viability of the organization. That you should create an environment of health and safety therefore goes without saying. The question however becomes, how exactly should one go about doing this. Is it merely the absence of accidents or the occasional poster or safety handout employees are given or is it something more?

We believe creating an organizational wide health and safety culture starts at the very top. Senior managers should not just a good game but also walk the walk. Make sure that an open culture exists to talk about issues that might arise and definitely put in place proactive measures to ensure that health and safety and quality (I might add) are pillars of the organization.

So how does one develop a health and safety culture? Start with the goals of health and safety. Returning employees home each night translates to fewer missed work days; saving you money. Having a work culture which prides itself in quality of work translates to fewer customer services issues and increased positive brand awareness; meaning stronger competitive advantage. Having stated the goals of health and safety and quality, then you go about slowly building this into the very fabric of your company. 

Some organizations hold weekly safety meetings and checkins. Others ensure that when it comes to safety training, no expense is spared. Invest in the latest tools to ensure that training is created and delivered on time and the best medium for consumption. Take time to invest in great health and safety content so that employees and staff are not left with boring content that feels forced and unexciting.

I can tell you right now that having quality subject matter experts definitely makes a difference. And don’t forget to look in-house. Bob on Machinery has built up plenty of experience over 20 years. Make sure you’re taping this in-house expertise. Involve employees and other staff to share and collaborate.

Should you need to bring external EHS professionals be sure to lay down the guidelines when it comes to content development. Health and safety e learning can be a specialized field and it is important that you ensure that adult learning techniques are adhered to. Use visuals, and plenty of interactive elements but don’t over do it as some older workers might be put off. Audio and video are great complements to any health and safety e learning content.

We are obviously biased towards using a system and company like eLeaP to help you create and deliver your EHS content and program. For one thing, we already have lots of content you can easily access to go live. For another thing, we have a world-class system to deliver and track your results. Remember the company culture piece we started with? Without tracking and reporting you don’t know what is working and what isn’t.

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