Most people think working from home is an easy way to make a living. You can get up when you want, wear what you want, and make your own schedule. However, working from home can present unique and unexpected challenges. There are certain steps you should take to ensure your time spent working at home is productive. This course shows you how to work effectively and efficiently from home. Your first step is to create an area to function as your home office or workspace. This course provides tips for your setup, including how your area should be separate from more personal and high-traffic spaces, which will allow you to maintain distance between your work life and personal life. The course continues to provide best practices on how to structure your day as if you were still at the office. This course also discusses the importance of taking the time to eat right, get regular exercise, and take wellness breaks when necessary. Utilize the information provided in this training lesson regarding these, and other, key facets of working from home to maximize your productivity and your wellbeing.