During these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, the thought of returning to work can be overwhelming. However, if employees work together as a team, adapting to this new normal will happen over time. This training course provides excellent tips on how to prepare to return to work.

This course offers reminders for how employees can prepare themselves to return to their facility. Employees are encouraged to obtain as much information as possible about the changes to their workplace, such as PPE requirements and facility capacity mandates. They are also reminded to start getting back into their old routine as well as how to monitor their temperature and health. This training discusses the potential adjustments to the facility and enforces the four cornerstones of battling the coronavirus: social distancing, handwashing, sanitizing, and respiratory etiquette. The “new” facility may also use scheduling techniques, such as alternating days or shifts, to limit personnel and maintain social distancing.

If the organization provides any training before coming to work, it is imperative for all employees to take that training. Using this online course as a prerequisite before returning to work reiterates the importance of accepting the “new normal” as a team to keep the entire facility safe.