Job interviews are full of potential legal land mines and if you aren’t careful one wrong comment or question could generate legal trouble for you and your organization. This video training explores legal interviewing, highlighting a number of examples of illegal and legal questions.

Federal laws protecting employees from discrimination have been in place since 1964. This video training educates viewers about interview questions that could lead to lawsuits. Viewers learn about the appropriate way to ask candidates for the relevant job-related information they need to make hiring decisions. This course covers a number of topics illegal questions can be related to such as, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family status, disabilities, age, drug use, military, residency, and more. This version is for organizations following the “Ban the Box” application process, which removes the check box asking if applicants have a criminal record.

Those conducting interviews need to be concerned about more than just hiring the right candidate. Use this video to educate all those who conduct interviews on following legal interviewing practices.