OSHA stands for “Occupational Safety and Health Administration.” This is an agency in the US Department of Labor. The point of OSHA is to protect workers and make sure working conditions are safe. Employers are required by law to protect workers’ safety. The main point of the training is to make workers familiar with what OSHA is and what their rights are under it. Workers have many rights per OSHA, mainly a safe work environment.

This training also covers the responsibilities an employer must fulfill to protect their workers. The topic of OSHA inspections is mentioned a lot in this video, and is explained in one of the sections. Employers should be keeping records of safety concerns in the workplace and have the information available to workers. Workers also have the right to make a complaint to OSHA.

This video-based training explains the role OSHA plays in workplace safety, and what employers and employees need to know about their rights and compliance.