Harassment is illegal and inflicts damage to workplace morale and productivity. Reputations and careers can be ruined on account of harassment. It is up to everyone to maintain a safe, respectful work environment that all employees deserve. This online training course provides a simple overview of workplace harassment.

This video begins by defining harassment and its two types: hostile work environment and quid pro quo. The course discusses the laws and policies in place to protect specific groups of people from workplace harassment. Harassment can even occur outside of the workplace at events where your company is represented, such as conferences, trade shows, and work parties.

This online course provides examples of unacceptable behaviors at work and what to do if harassment continues. Incidents of harassment should be reported as soon as possible, even if you only witness the harassment of someone else.

Harassment of any type is unacceptable. Everyone must be treated with fairness and respect to help keep harassment out of the workplace. Use this course to ensure all employees are on the same page when it comes to preventing and responding to workplace harassment.