Often, organizations talk about diversity and the need for a more diverse workplace. However, it is a loaded term and many people don’t fully understand what it means to be diverse and inclusive. Diversity is a complex term that is often tossed around. Managers and supervisors often discuss it without completely understanding what it means. This course seeks to bridge those gaps in understanding.

This course starts by introducing the topic of diversity, then talks about why it is so important to our workplaces, particularly for those working in government. The course goes on to demonstrate how to determine and understand our own personal biases. The course also demonstrates the roles respect and inclusion play in the workplace, and how to establish rapport and common ground with one another.

This course should be used primarily by those who are in managerial roles in governmental organizations. Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the acceptance and inclusion of all employees. Organizations that have made diversity and inclusion part of their core values have proven to be more successful than those who have not. Use this course to help managers learn to help the organization attract and retain diverse talent.