The world has become more mobile and advances in technology and communication have made the workplace more diverse. Diversity is not just about race, but also about age, sexual orientation, socioeconomics, and more. Change is often hard for many people, but there are laws to protect individuals, so change does not equate to discrimination. Managers must implement these rules and laws within their workplaces.

Diversity has many benefits. Conformity used to be the norm, but it can stifle the imagination and creativity diversity offers, such as making a strong team and dealing with diverse customers. Stereotyping, bias, and discrimination can lead to high turnover and low productivity, not to mention that discrimination is also illegal. Promoting diversity in one’s department involves getting to know your team and reaching out to those that may be different than you.

Having open door policies, taking reports of discrimination seriously, and remaining impartial are some of the strategies explore here to promote diversity at work. Use this course to help ensure managers and supervisors understand their role in promoting diversity and inclusion.