This training, the second of four parts, focuses on data protection in the workplace, as related to the General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR.

This course outlines and demonstrates the five principles of compliant data collection and processing. For example, the first rule in data processing is processing someone’s personal information can only be done with their consent. There are different circumstances where personal data can be used, and this course explains how to make that distinction. This course continues to explain determining the purpose of data collection, data collection limits, data security, and transparency. This course also helps companies understand the rules around how long data is saved, and how it is used.

It is important for those collecting data, to understand the legal and proper ways of collecting this information and using it. Continue this series on the GDPR to fully-understand the implications and applications of the regulation.

This course is in 4 parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4