Developing training materials and e-courses is not typically the job of just one person. Generally, it involves collaboration among several different employees. Shuffling documents and material among these individuals becomes time consuming and unnecessary. Developing e-Learning content in the cloud allows for as much collaboration as is necessary with as much ease as possible. Discover at least four benefits that cloud-based e-learning content production can bring to your organization.

e-learning in the cloud

1. Ups the Efficiency Level

Developing and collaborating in the cloud creates a comprehensive working document. Each person can provide feedback and suggestions within the e-course material. The person ultimately responsible for finalizing the content then has everything at their fingertips to turn the working draft document into the final version. This is much more efficient than passing the hard-copy document around and waiting for everyone to make their own suggestions without being able to see what everyone else is saying. Additionally, collaborators can view what their co-workers have already suggested. This helps to avoid repetition of suggestions and can even spark additional thought processes for creating better content.

2. Creates a 24/7 Working Environment

Cloud development also breaks down the geographic barrier. Trainers and content developers can work anytime, anywhere. Employees working in different locations can easily work together to produce e-Learning content without adding travel time and expenses to the company. Additionally, creativity strokes at times when employees are out of the office. Having access to training content anywhere that there is an Internet connection allows employees to work in the cloud when inspiration hits them.

3. Organizes Feedback

Creating content in the cloud also organizes the feedback and input process. Since everyone is working in the same document, all of the feedback and input is included in the comprehensive document. This helps to ensure that all edits and suggestions are implemented, where appropriate, and that nothing is forgotten or that suggested changes on post-it notes are not lost or forgotten. It also helps to avoid losing the document altogether because there is always a backup and everyone always has access to the latest version of the document.

4. Establishes Collaboration in Real Time

Finally, working in the cloud establishes real-time collaboration. Anyone who has access to the document and information has instant access to the latest version of the information and content. Nobody has to wait for the next group meeting or the ability to retrieve the document from the person who has it because everyone who needs to have access to it has access to it. The cloud offers a comprehensive tool for the team of e-Learning content developers to communicate, plan and collaborate all within the cloud.

The cloud offers a complete suite of tools for e-Learning content developers to create content. Working in the cloud brings several benefits to those responsible for creating the e-Learning course, which ultimately benefits the company and the attendees of the training.

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