Customer service skills are incomparable assets to businesses and organizations of any size and in any market. It is arguably the most important part of daily business.

Without an audience and customer base that is happy to work with you, your business would be worth very little. Without our customers we have no revenue and we have no livelihood.

According to the infographic found below, developed by NowSourcing and Adecco, Companies with more training increase their chance of first-call resolution by 65%. More importantly, the infographic also states that a dramatic 15% of customers will end a relationship with a company due to bad customer service.

15% of your customer base is probably quite a chunk of revenue. Are you willing to risk losing that profit due to poor or inadequate training for your employees?

Effective training can prevent poor customer service experience and can even help to bring in more profits and happier customers. With today’s generations becoming more and more comfortable with technology, eLearning is certainly one very viable option for training your new employees, as well as, teaching your veterans a few new tricks.

With the right software, you can track your employees’ progress while simultaneously allowing each employee to work at his or her own pace. eLearning provides the best platform and opportunity for each employee to train longer on areas where needed and to breeze through areas where he or she has a higher comprehension.

From the infographic’s “8 traits of the best call center agents,” there are some ideas that can be found easily and with excellent results in eLearning.

  • Confidence: When an employee has been trained using eLearning, there is a certain amount of accountability that is required. Once finished with a lesson, an employee can be required to complete and pass a quiz with a certain total. Should the employee pass easily, he or she will have confidence in that area and will be more likely to perform well when working in situations pertaining to it.
  • Accuracy: Quizzes not only improve the confidence of your employees, but will assure their accuracy as well. When a student passes an exam, his or her professor will be comfortable knowing that her students were trained accurately enough that they could also perform accurately when the situation arose. When your employees are trained accurately, they will perform accurately. Whether that is in customer service or elsewhere.
  • Self-assessment: Each time an employee is provided with real-life application of what they are being trained in, it will become easier to put that information to use. Employees with excellent self-assessment skills will be able to take their training experience and turn it into an applicable knowledge base with which they can provide your customers excellent service.
  • Stability and Reliability: Employees trained in terms of gamification will be more comfortable working in a stressful environment. Gamification allows the brain to break down situations into easily manageable tasks. Training an employee with gamification will provide them with the experience it takes to do this over and over again with your customers.

Poor customer service and growth with eLearning