Put an interesting spin on your eLearning content. When you do this, it helps you to engage training attendees. Additionally, engaging content helps to ensure that trainees have a higher retention rate of the information than if they find the information dry and boring. Use these six tips to create compelling copy that draws trainees in and keeps their attention until long after the training session ends.

6 Ways to Create Engaging ELearning Content

1. Tie the Content to Performance Goals

Use the results approach for the content you present. Show the trainees exactly what results they can expect from applying the skills and knowledge you are teaching them. It is typically best to use specific figures, where possible. This gives them a reason or incentive to learn and then apply what they learn.

2. Make it Audience Relevant

Speak directly to your audience. If the trainees do not relate to the content, then they tend to quickly turn off their listening ears and tune out what you are saying. Personalize and customize the content so that it is relevant to each member of the audience and the jobs they perform.

3. Recognize Your Objectives

The objective of creating and presenting e-learning content is to change behavior. Keep this in mind when you are creating the content. Avoid throwing together information for the sake of having information to share. Only include information that helps to meet your objective, which changes the way the trainees do their jobs when they return to the office.

4. Leave the Navigation Unlocked

Each trainee learns and moves at their own pace. Additionally, some trainees prefer an overview or to scan the information and then go back to take the course in detail. In order to accommodate different learning styles and to avoid losing trainees right from the start, unlock the navigational system so as not to force trainees to go screen by screen. Also, trainees should be able to move backward and forward through the screens, so that if they miss something the first time, they can go back and review it again.

5. Use Pull Content

Pull content presents an issue or problem to resolve first. Then, the content shares the technique or different methods for resolving the problem. This order “pulls” the trainee in, similar to how a fisherman pulls in a fish. You hook them in with the problem and then continue to pull them through to find out what the solution is.

6. Make it Visually Appealing

The term content does not just pertain to the text you provide in an e-learning course. Content also includes photographs, pictures, diagrams an infographic. Include visual content that reinforces and supplements the information you share in the form of text. If trainees have to read pages and pages of content, it can get boring. If you break up the content with photos and graphics, it helps to make the content more engaging.

Elearning content can be engaging when you follow these tips to create the content. Engaging content pulls the trainee in from the beginning and holds their attention until the course ends.

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