Choosing the right LMS for your organization goes beyond finding a system that meets the training and development needs of your employees. In fact, choosing the wrong LMS can lead to downtime, which ultimately leads to a loss of money for the business. Use this easy five-step process to ensure that you are making the right choice in the Learning Management System you are choosing for your organization.

Step 1 Analyze Your Needs

The 5-Step Process to Choosing the Right LMSBefore you can choose a LMS that meets the needs of the business, you first have to determine what the needs are. Interview upper management and executives to determine what the goals and objectives of the business are. Talk with HR and training professionals to determine how learning, training and development is managed currently. If you are replacing an existing LMS, then question the professionals that use the system to find out what works and what doesn’t work with the current system. Work with the IT professionals to identify any technology issues you need to be aware of before adding a LMS to existing systems and technologies.

Step 2 Match Needs with LMS Requirements

Take the lists you have accumulated from each of the different departments of the company. Go requirement by requirement to identify the feature or function of the LMS that meets the need on the list. The goal is to try to match as many of the needs as you can with the feature or function that the LMS possesses. For example, if you have 500 users of the LMS then the LMS system has to accommodate a minimum of 500 people. Ideally, the system accommodates more than 500 people so that as your company grows, the LMS grows and changes with the company needs.

Step 3 Create a List of LMSs

Prioritize your list of requirements, so you come up with the top five or 10 requirements you are looking for in a LMS. Gather information on existing LMSs that meet these requirements. Make a note of the systems that meet all or the majority of your top requirements.

Step 4 Narrow and Funnel

Narrow down the list of options. Two of the best ways to do this is to request a proposal from the LMS provider and to take the system on a test drive. While cost is not the only factor you should base your decision on, it typically plays a pivotal role in your decision. Using the system and having other people in the organization use the system also tends to narrow down the options you have to the top two or three contenders.

Step 5 Choose the LMS

From the two or three contenders left standing, you are now ready to make your final choice. Weigh the pros and cons of each system for a final review. Choose and purchase the LMS that fits the majority of your needs, including its ease of use and that it fits into your budget.

Choosing the right LMS puts your business on the right training and development path. Using these steps can help you get there.

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