Training Paths: Changes and Updates

Video Transcription

Hey, everyone. It’s Jamie with eLeaP LMS. I’m here today to tell you about just the next in our series of exciting new feature releases. Our latest update to eLeaP is that we’ve done an overhaul of the Learning Management System Training Paths feature, so I’m gonna walk you through that real quick. We do have more extensive tutorials that we’ve prepared, so if you wanna learn more in-depth about all the different features, definitely go check those out.

Alright, I’m gonna click on the Training Paths menu and we’re looking at this from an admin perspective. Those of you who’ve already used Training Paths extensively in the past are probably already noticing that we have a new tab here. I’ll get to that in just a second. Right now, I’m just gonna go ahead and add a new training path, give it a name, description if you like. I’m gonna leave it inactive for now and then what’s new is that we’ve split up the Training Paths into four different types.

If you forget about this later, there’s this little help button. You can click it. Gives you little descriptions of what the fancy new things do. But basically, the four types are simple, that’s just your basic collection of courses. You throw them all together so you can assign them all as a batch. Users can take them in whichever order they want and if the courses have deadlines, they have deadlines. If they don’t, they don’t. Simple.

Next one here is the ‘Pre-set Navigation’. We had this LMS feature before, but now we’ve made it its own type of Training Path, and this is where you can set it up so that users have to go through the courses in a particular order. If that’s what you need, you’re gonna use the preset navigation option. What’s really new here is that we’ve made a major update to the self-enrollment option and now we’ve added ‘Scheduled Release’. I’ll go into those in a bit more detail now.

If I choose ‘Self-enrollment’, I’m gonna click Submit and I’m gonna add some courses just like you normally would into this. The Self-enrollment Training Path is really for when you wanna make some material available to your users, but you don’t wanna require them to take it. This is really great for personal development things. Once I’ve got this Training Path, I’m gonna go back to the Training Paths list and make it active. As soon as I do that, any users, they’ll see the self-enrollment Training Paths tab on their Training Paths menu as well and now they can choose to take these courses or not.

Previously, we had ‘Self-enrollment’ before and the way that worked was you created a Self-enrollment path, you assigned users to it, and then if they didn’t start it or didn’t start the courses, those not-started courses didn’t show up in their activity reports. But you did still have to assign it out. Now that’s not necessary. They can assign themselves. They can either just click the link right here, they click on the name of the Training Path and click this enroll button from here if they wanna get a better idea for what’s included in that Training Path. That’s an exciting new take a little bit of a load off of our administrators type thing.

Then the ‘Scheduled Training Path’ is another feature specifically requested by some of our users. Let me just walk you through that. Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and select “scheduled release” here. I’m gonna leave it inactive for now. I’m gonna click “submit.” What this is gonna let you do is set up a series of course to drip out slowly to your users over time. Right now, with a simple Training Path, when you assign the Training Path to your users they get a notification that they’ve been assigned to the path and they go in and they can see all the courses in it.

If it’s a ‘Pre-set navigation’ they can’t access them all, but they can see that they’re all assigned to them. In the case of the ‘Scheduled Release’, you actually have control over when they get told about the course and when the actual assignment is made, and you can set it up and forget it rather than having to set reminders for yourself or something. They default to immediate, but you can click “change” and you can choose specific date or period of time. If you choose specific date you’ll get a calendar option. I’ll set this one for next year. Or you can do period of time and say how many days from the date that the Training Path was assigned that you want this course to go out.

You might do 15 days on this one, and you want them to have at least 15 days to complete that before they do the next one. Maybe I’ll make this 30 days after they’re assigned so that there’s a 15-day gap between these two courses and so on and so forth. This is a really powerful new feature that we’re excited about. I suspect that this will be very helpful for any of our clients who need to do recurring training, for example. You can set up your recurring training advance, years ahead of time. You just do 365 days, however many 365 times two is, so on and so forth.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. Definitely, go check out the full tutorials. We’ve got tutorials for admins and for trainees so everybody can see how it looks from their perspective. Stay tuned for more changes later this year.