You may have already made your own resolutions but have you made any New Year’s resolution on workplace training? If not, eLeap has taken time out to propose just a few resolutions you may want to adopt.


Resolution 1: Scale Up Your Training on Sexual Harassment

Last year was quite a year when it came to workplace sexual harassment. It is not that sexual harassment increased but rather than women started to speak out. The year kicked off with Susan Fowler’s tell-all blog post about her experiences working at Uber and closed with a tidal wave of sexual harassment and sexual assault complaints against hundreds of high-profile film stars, media celebrities, and politicians. If you haven’t already done so, start by scaling up your workplace training on gender equity and sexual harassment. Here are just a few eLeap recommendations to help you get started!

Resolution 2: Incentivize Training for Employees

Find ways to incentivize your employees training. It sounds straight forward, but in fact, all too often employers fail to reward employees for taking the initiative to acquire new skills and knowledge. The best incentives are not monetary but rather focus on an employee’s over all growth. Employees who know they are growing and putting themselves into a position to apply for a higher-level job are more likely to engage in training opportunities and make the most of them.

Resolution 3: Offer Cybersecurity Training to Everyone

In 2016, 862 U.S. based organizations responded to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s Cyber Security Survey. Among other key results, the study found that 59% of U.S. organizations report that when hiring new graduates for entry-level cybersecurity positions, it is difficult to identify who has an adequate level of skills and knowledge. This is an especially dire problem given that cyber security issues are now one of the greatest issues facing organizations worldwide.  What’s clear is that to protect oneself, it is essential that all staff and not just one’s IT staff have cyber security training. To get started, explore eLeap’s Security Awareness Certificate Program.

Resolution 4: Data Skills Matter

A new study by the World Economic Forum reports, “On average, by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today, according to our respondents.”  Many of these “new skills” will require workers with high-level data science expertise and/or expertise on the Internet of Things. While the information and communication, mobility, infrastructure, and financial service industries will be especially impacted by this change, workers across sectors from education to entertainment will also be impacted. Finding ways to scale up your employees’ data science expertise is increasingly essential.

Resolution 5: Train to Heighten Engagement

A staggering 70% of American workers are disengaged on the job. As reported in a recent eLeap post, “It’s not because they don’t want to be engaged. Most employees want to be the best they can be for their employers, but they need a lot of support to make that happen.”  Training is a proven way to increase workplace engagement. It makes employees feel valued, helps them grown and aspire to higher-level positions, and reduces workplace churn.

Resolution 6: Ensure Your Leaders Continue to Grow

Leaders also need training and this is important now than ever before. As workplaces change and adapt to new technologies, including the data revolution, and work itself is transformed (e.g., by the ever-expanding gig economy), leaders need to exhibit new levels of agility. To ensure your leaders continue growing, explore eLeaP Leadership Skills Training Video Courses.

Resolution 7: Make Safety Your Priority

Whether you work on a construction site or in a factory or in a hospital or restaurant, safety should be your first priority. From machines that can cause serious burns to falling objects to hazardous waste, workplaces are a minefield of potential injuries waiting to happen. Every years thousands of American workers get injured on the job resulting in millions of dollars of lost revenue. Sadly, most workplace injuries are preventable with the right training. To get started, explore eLeap’s Workplace Safety Featured Training Videos.