Keeping your team focused and constantly on the ball can be a difficult task to accomplish. However, this is one of the most important areas of focus for any organization – and if it’s not, it probably should be.

Productivity leads to discovery, and discovery leads to achievement. This is why keeping employees engaged and focused on continuous work and learning is critical.

Your LMS platform and eLearning make this task much easier. However, the simple presence of these elements isn’t enough. If your organization isn’t using these platforms efficiently, you might as well not have them at all.

Online Training and Employee Productivity

Quality Training Programs

If your organization doesn’t have quality training programs that provide employees with the opportunity for advancement, you’re probably going to experience high turnover rates. In surveys, employees have stated a company’s training program, and educational opportunities are a big deciding factor in job satisfaction.

The logic behind it makes sense – when employees have a large source of knowledge and educational material, they learn additional skills needed to remain productive. The more areas they’re efficient in, the less downtime they’ll have during the workday.

This dynamic can take your organization to the highest levels of success. However, it all starts with the right learning tools and training platform.

Additionally, eLearning and LMS programs seem to have surpassed “the old ways” of teaching employees. A quality LMS platform is no longer an additional bonus at an organization for new team members. It has become a staple and is almost mandatory.

The Effectiveness of Online Training

Most eLearning programs have minor costs attached to them. This is one thing that’s led to the mass implementation of these programs – that and the additional learning benefits they provide to your employees. However, it takes a quality LMS platform to properly deliver the information contained in an eLearning program – this is where the majority of the investment lies.

The younger generation of the corporate workforce, composed primarily of millennials, are incredibly involved with their own career development. In a survey conducted by the Association for Talent Development (ASTD), it was discovered that companies that invested larger amounts into online training programs achieve higher levels of productivity.

This is no accident, considering that 75% of the millennial workforce stated that the ability to learn on the job was one of the most important elements when deciding on a place to work. Based on these statistics, it’s vital that companies place a large amount of focus on keeping knowledge-hungry employees satisfied.

How Can Online Training Increase Productivity?

Companies have multiple options when it comes to the delivery of training material. In-person training, printed training manuals, video training, and more. However, LMS platforms and online training deliver the highest levels of performance with the smallest amount of effort from management and team leaders. Let’s examine why.

    1. More Opportunities for Different Methods of Learning

Remaining focused on the same old training and learning material can get boring and tiresome. Spending all of this focus can leave employees with lower productivity levels when it comes to actual work.

However, when there’s more flexibility in the ways employees learn, it doesn’t cause as much burnout. The result is much better production and engagement for what work demands and more efficient learning.

Employees can log in to the training portal at their leisure, giving them the chance to learn at their convenience. Mobile learning and the ability to complete modules on their chosen device really add an additional level of flexibility.

    2. Better Retention

When employees engage in eLearning, their knowledge retention is increased substantially. Unique features contained within the platform keep team members engaged during the learning process.

There are also libraries available that allow them to review course material in different ways before completing quizzes at the end of a module. These assessments ensure that learners have retained what they’ve learned in the right ways, which leads to a better implementation of this knowledge in real-life situations.

    3. High-Performance Culture

Establishing a culture of high performance is important for any organization. No company ever soared to new heights by breeding an atmosphere of mediocrity.

When your company establishes the feeling that it’s okay to settle for a baseline, it leads to poor performance and high turnover rates. However, the right training program makes learning exciting, leading to much better output from your workforce.

Additionally, LMS platforms will also keep track of employee scores and allow you to implement gamification. This will push employees to out-perform themselves and their peers, which breeds an atmosphere of achievement.

    4. More Productivity

When your company can take advantage of the results produced by your training platform, the investment you made into your program seems minor. The overall levels of productivity increase in your organization, which leads to better customer satisfaction, higher rates of employee and client retention, and increased revenue.

Witnessing this success won’t just improve the spirits of management and corporate members – your workforce will also be fired up. When there’s a clear sense of opportunity and the feeling that the advantages of your training program are paying off, employees are more positive.

The right LMS platform delivers results in several different areas. You end up experiencing more productivity, engagement, retention, and satisfaction among your employees. They also achieve their personal and professional goals, which ends up leading to increased loyalty.

You’ll also create a distinct environment and atmosphere among your entire organization. This gives your company a great reputation and will drive top-level talent toward your organization.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the right LMS platform is the fact that it gives management more time in other areas they’re needed. They spend less time training employees and micromanaging and can actually engage with new team members and become more instrumental with the rest of the team.

Take advantage today of implementing a quality LMS platform. It will make the difference between becoming a successful company or remaining average.