Regardless of the size or scope of your business, enjoy customizable eCommerce solutions that will allow you to quickly, easily and inexpensively design and sell your courses.


Many companies have yet to realize that they can convert their own online training materials into a whole new stream of revenues. If you have great eLearning online content that doesn’t have to be company-specific (or could easily be tweaked to not be company-specific), then all you need is an eCommerce learning management system (LMS) to get started!

eLeaP’s eCommerce Learning Management System (LMS) solution provides you with online delivery of a custom, secure learning site that can be up and be running in minutes. There is no need to wait around for months to make your products available. eLeaP’s eCommerce software options help you turn your eLearning online content into a streamlined, on-demand product offering that your customers, channel partners, members, and the general public can directly purchase for their own use.

Here’s What Sets eLeaP Apart:

eLeaP Offers an Easy eCommerce Learning Management System

When our customers discovered how easy it was to get their eLearning online content up and running with eLeaP, they started asking for a way to sell their courses to others outside their companies. We responded by improving our product to include eCommerce LMS options such as the following:

You’ll be more connected with your buyers than ever before with eLeaP’s innovative eCommerce LMS options. The process for administrators and buyers is simple, efficient and designed to ensure you’re able to effectively analyze data for marketing while providing a superior product.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Your eCommerce AccountTailored eCommerce Learning Solutions

1. Signup and choose your username for your eLeaP eCommerce LMS account.

2. Create your eCommerce eLearning Online Courses

3. Launch your eCommerce eLearning online courses to your special eCatalog page. You can even set discount codes or create affiliate accounts for others to promote your products.

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