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How to Find the Best Learning Management Software

If you’re not taking a measured, strategic approach to what learning management software you use to facilitate and automate your corporate training and learning efforts, you’re missing out on one of the most significant opportunities to up your company’s game for future success.

There are two primary types of learning management software you need to consider: The LMS and the LCMS. The LMS is your learning management system that helps you organize, deliver, and track the learning and training you need to deliver to your employees. The LCMS is your learning content management system, and it helps you create and organize the learning and training content to be delivered and managed through the LMS. While there are learning management software packages out there that try to do both, typically one of the two aspects winds up not being as robust as you need it to be, so it’s probably better to keep these as two different software platforms.

Focusing on the LMS, there are a number of things you want to avoid, including the following six top complaints other companies have about their LMS:

  1. Poor data analysis and reporting. Big Data is here to stay, in part because it really does offer the opportunity to vastly improve and speed up your decision-making. Powerful metrics presented in visual formats that make the data easy to understand are definite must-have.
  2. Lacking in multi-device access. While mLearning is still in its infancy, the plain fact of the matter is that companies are increasingly beginning to understand that training and learning must be made available whenever and on whatever device employees want it as much as possible.
  3. Lame search capabilities. If an LMS doesn’t make it super easy to find things through robust search functionalities, it takes a lot of wind out of the sails of your learning efforts.
  4. Poor integration with other systems. Integrating your LMS with other systems at your company needs to happen seamlessly and without a lot of effort.
  5. Failing to deliver on promised capabilities. Few things are more frustrating than when LMS salespeople promise you the moon and it simply doesn’t pan out the way they made it sound. Be sure to do a full trial, which ought to be offered free of charge.
  6. Incompetent service. You’re expecting a lot from your LMS, and if you run into problems, you want to know that you’ve got a variety of channels through which to receive the technical support you need. This can be a major distinguishing feature between different systems.

When you’re shopping for an LMS, each one of these items needs to be a top-level consideration. See how the eLeaP LMS stacks up against this list by signing up to try it out now for free and let us know what you think. Contact eLeaP to find out more about how it can meet your company’s learning and training management needs with its robust features and extreme flexibility. Call us 1-877-624-7226 or email help@eleapsoftware.com.

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