When employees are not performing their jobs up to par, managers and supervisors start to search for solutions to correct the problem. One conclusion managers and supervisors can come to when employees are having performance problems is that some sort of training can correct the problem. Managers and supervisors assume that offering training to the employees can help them learn the skills and acquire the knowledge they need to perform their daily job functions more efficiently and effectively.

In some cases, training can be the answer. It depends on what the performance problem is. In other cases, it is going to take more than having employees attend some training to correct the underlying issue or root cause of the problem.

Work Processes or Procedures

Can Employee Training Correct Performance Problems?One problem that training is not likely to fix is a problem with work processes or procedures. If the company does not have policies and procedures in place, it can be difficult for employees to conduct their work in the proper manner. Processes and procedures have to be clearly defined by upper management for the employees.

Additionally, the work processes and procedures have to be put in writing. Employee training, however, can come into play once the processes and procedures are set in writing. Training ensures that employees understand and can apply these policies and procedures to their daily work routine.

Proper Tools

Employees can be fully aware of what they need to do with their jobs. They can even have the proper processes and procedures to follow in order to complete their daily work. The problem can lie in the fact that the employees do not have the proper tools to complete their work.

Tools can be software, computers, machinery or industry tools that permit the employees of a company to have a successful performance rating. Lacking the proper tools is another situation where training is not going to correct a performance problem with employees.

Work Culture

Even in situations where employees have undergone training, it might not be enough to correct performance issues. Employee training does not tend to correct performance problems in situations where work or company culture does not allow. Employees can attend the best training program available, but if their manager or supervisor does not support the employee in applying what they have learned to conduct their jobs, then it is all for naught.

Additionally, if the employee’s fellow employees do not support changes in processes or the way of doing things, then it can make it difficult for the trained employee to implement the changes that can make a difference in how well they do their jobs.

In the majority of circumstances, training employees can make a difference in how well they perform their jobs. In other situations, however, it can take more than training to make a true difference in on-the-job performance. While managers and supervisors can come to the conclusion that training can correct employees that are having a performance problem, an evaluation of the root of the problem is required to determine whether or not training is the solution. We understand training can be complicated and expensive and not everyone can easily get up to speed. We at eLeaP understand that some questions can be helpful in determining if a training management system can be helpful. Let us know if we can help or go ahead and get a free account to check it out.

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